Friday, September 13, 2019

BET founder Robert Johnson on Trump: ‘I give the president credit for doing positive things’

That evil, hateful and especially, RACIST TRUMP!!  Just thinking about him makes Leftist just completely lose it.

But what is this?? BET founder says something nice about Trump????  WHAT?? #$%^%!!!!
President Donald Trump has done “positive things” for the economy that have greatly benefited African Americans, said Robert Johnson, the successful Democratic businessman who started the BET television network nearly 40 years ago.<

“For African Americans, the trend continues to be favorable,” Johnson said Thursday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “There used to be an old saying, ‘When White America catches a cold, African Americans get pneumonia.’ It’s going the opposite way now. White unemployment is going down, African American unemployment is going down. That’s a plus-plus that you can’t argue with.”

“I give the president credit for doing positive things; when I see a president doing positive things, particularly for African Americans,” added Johnson, who made history as America’s first black billionaire when he sold BET to Viacom in 2001. Shortly after the sale, he started the investment firm The RLJ Cos.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Peak Coffee

Peak Coffee: Has something else in our world peaked?

OK…so I started noticing a pattern. But it took several decades for me to see it form. 

First there was the tape cassette:

Then there was the floppy disk:

Then there was the memory stick (which are also found in a plethora of shapes and sizes:

Are you detecting a pattern?  It seems than when a technology becomes so common, so pervasive in our society and when companies have squeezed as much juice out of a product as they can, they always seem to be able to squeeze profits out of it one last time by… offering it in a variety of colors.  This tells us the tech has peaked.  And it is probably ready to be replaced by something else.

And so that gets us to Peak Coffee.  I was at the store the other day and this is what I saw:

So, what does this mean?

I don’t think it means that drinking coffee is dead.  What I think this means is that there is another new sophisticated coffee tech that is coming in the near future.

What will it be like?  Not a clue.

Or, I could be wrong and there is NO NEW coffee tech coming.

Who knows?  Maybe the old steel percolator is going to make a comeback.

And then.... the news comes out.  iPhone has cutting edge phones sporting the newest and best innovation of all time....

New colors.

When I heard about the Apple iPhone now available in a wide assortment of colors, it looked to me that the iPhone has been stretched as far as it will go.  

We can only hope for new groundbreaking innovation.

California Bill Means 'End for Independent Trucking' in State

In a stupid effort to strike one for the "little guy" by forcing independent drivers to be considered direct hire workers, CA has done to opposite.

They've destroyed the whole concept of the Independent Contractor.

“AB 5 could have been amended to address worker misclassification issues, as well as protect the 70,000 predominantly minority-owned truckers currently operating as independent contractors,” said Shawn Yadon, CEO of the California Trucking Association, in a press release issued by the association. “There is no reason why protecting workers does not include defending the right of tens of thousands of drivers who have built their businesses around the independent owner-operator model, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their trucks and have operated their own businesses for decades.”

CA does it again.  Perverts yet another part of their economy.

Friday, August 30, 2019

San Francisco: America's Dumping Ground for the Homeless

Just amazing!  And good to hear that the good people of SF are just done with it.

Other cities in the US are actually giving homeless bus tickets to SF just to get rid of their homeless.

80 per cent decline in religious funerals as mourners opt for golf courses and zoos over churches

The Great Apostasy continues.

An all-black dress code, pallbearers marching in unison, and a steady stream of tears are not often associated with golf courses, zoos and Chinese takeaways.

Yet according to the most extensive ever report on UK funeral trends which, the religious funeral is dying a death.

Instead of services in crematoriums, churches and cemeteries, Britons are instead opting for increasingly quirky ways to mourn their loved ones.

The Co-op, the UK’s largest national funeral provider which conducts more than 100,000 every year, has today published a report revealing that since 2011 there has been a 80 per cent decline in religious funerals.

Eight-years-ago 67 per cent of people requested traditional religious services and just 12 per cent were non-religious. However by 2018, just 13 per cent wanted a religious funeral.
"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;"

Commentary: Reasons Why America Should Question Its Trade Relationship with China

It's time to rethink who we are buying stuff from. 
China is alleged to harvest the organs of thousands of political dissidents it keeps in concentration camps, it threatens Hong Kong and Taiwan daily, it appears to be funding and assisting the North Korean nuclear missile program and is using the hundreds of billions of dollars of trade deficits to build a first-rate navy to defeat the U.S. as every year’s trade deficit pays for more than two years of China’s military spending.

So why are we trading with China and underwriting this totalitarian regime and mass murder with $380 billion of trade deficits every year?

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Donald and “the Blacks”

I picked up this story recently but it came out in 2016.  I for one get a little tired of hearing how racist President Trump is.  You don't grow a  billion dollar company by only hiring whites.  You hire the best.  And to get the best you have have a blind eye to color.
Meanwhile, in 1985, Donald Trump had bought the historic estate of Mar-a-Lago: a 128-room mansion on twenty acres in Palm Beach, Florida. He then began the long process of remodeling the property.

At the time, exclusive social clubs in Palm Beach were known for their “anti-Semitic policies.” As reported in the May 1991 issue of New York Magazine, the social clubs at Palm Beach “not only do not allow Jews and blacks to become members, they do not let members bring them as guests.” Accordingly, a town council election was “charged with undercurrents of anti-Semitism,” leading to a sharpening of the debate over the social clubs’ anti-Semitic policies. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) demanded that the mayor of Palm Beach resign from the Sailfish Club because it discriminated.

One occasional visitor described the extraordinary levels of discrimination in Palm Beach: “It’s a theme park of anti-Semitism,” and “Jews go there to be treated like they were in the [nineteen] forties.” For example, Christian members who married Jews were forbidden from bringing their spouses to the clubs. New York Magazine complained: “The towns two most exclusive clubs, the Everglades and the Bath and Tennis Club, remain shameless bastions of anti-Semitism. No one even bothers to deny it.” Likewise, the president of the Beach Club informed a reporter: “According to the Constitution, a private club is permitted to discriminate.”

In 1991, a writer for Vanity Fair asked Donald Trump why he wasn’t a member of the Bath and Tennis Club. Allegedly, he had not been invited to join. But Trump replied: “Utter bullshit!” He referred to them as “phonies!” And he argued: “Do you think if I wanted to be a member they would have turned me down? I wouldn’t join that club, because they don’t take Blacks and Jews.”
[I]n 1995, Donald Trump opened up Mar-a-Lago as a brand new social club. Promptly, the Palm Beach town council tried to impose restrictions on membership, party attendance, photography, etc. But suddenly, Trump undercut them “with a searing attack, claiming that local officials seemed to accept the established private clubs in town that had excluded Jews and Blacks while imposing tough rules on his inclusive one.”

To scorn them, in the fall of 1996 Trump’s lawyer sent copies of classic movies on discrimination to each member of the Palm Beach town council. The movies were A Gentleman’s Agreement, about a journalist exposing anti-Semitism in New York, and the other one was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, about a white woman who brings her black fiancĂ© to meet her white parents.

In December 1996, Donald Trump filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Palm Beach, alleging that the town was discriminating against Mar-a-Lago, partly because Trump’s “Mar-a-Lago was open to Jews and African-Americans.” The lawsuit sought $100 million in damages.

Despite some misgivings, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, was pleased that Trump denounced discriminatory policies at social clubs. Foxman said that Trump had exposed Palm Beach for “its seamier side of discrimination. It has an impact.”

By April 1997, Foxman reported that Jewish residents of Palm Beach had told him that now the clubs were changing, finally starting to admit Jewish patrons. Trump bragged that “Palm Beach is very much changing for the better, and a lot of that is because of Mar-a-Lago.”