Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Companies Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back to US

And not a moment too soon!

From Jan, 2010 until July 2016 the Reshoring Initiative estimates that 265,000 jobs have come back to the United States from abroad.

The Reshoring Initiative’s 2015 Reshoring Report found that the reasons companies gave for coming back to the U.S. included:

◦Government incentives


◦Proximity to customers

◦Skilled workforce

At the same time, companies cited lower quality, supply interruption (this category had the largest increase from last year), high freight costs and delivery as leading problems offshore. Cumulatively, rising wages and total cost have been major drivers in reshoring decisions.

Regionally, the trend remained strongest in the Southeast and Texas, but in 2015 the West displaced the Midwest to hold second place for most jobs shifted from offshore.

The following slides represent some of the companies that have brought jobs back. The list was compiled by the Reshoring Initiative for 24/7 Wall St. and is based on companies announcements.
I'd like to know more about those government incentives.  I

Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Anniversary of FAILURE. NIXON takes the US Dollar off the gold standard

Yeah, that's right.  Blame the speculators.  Don't blame the government. Prosperity, eh?  Jobs, eh?  FAILURE!!  Instead of reining in spending, THIS was his fucking solution.

Nixon was one of the worst presidents we ever had.  He laid the groundwork for even bigger and more intrusive government into the lives of ordinary, law abiding citizens.

Watch....and weep.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SWERVING INTO SANITY California Assembly Passes Bill To Curb “Policing For Profit” Via Asset Forfeiture;... News California Assembly Passes Bill To Curb “Policing For Profit” Via Asset Forfeiture; Close Federal Loophole

I just can't believe this.  CA is actually doing something RIGHT?  If ALL states would do this!

SB443 passed in the state Senate last summer by a resounding 38-1 vote. But the Assembly failed to pass the bill. It failed 44-24. Assemblyperson Chris Holden made a motion to reconsider that passed. SB443 was then placed in the inactive file and finally brought up for a vote in the full Assembly today.


California previously had some of the strongest state-level restrictions on the practice, but law enforcement around the state would often bypass the restrictions by partnering with a federal asset forfeiture program known as “equitable sharing.”

Under these arrangements, state officials hand over forfeiture prosecutions to the federal government and then receive up to 80 percent of the proceeds—even when state law bans or limits the profit incentive. Equitable sharing payments to states nearly doubled from 2000 to 2008, from a little more than $200 million to $400 million.

Hey TX! Look what CA did!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

African-American Church in North Carolina Endorses Donald Trump

If there is one group in the USA that understands the plight of blacks in America, it would have to be the Black churches.  What is astonishing is that many see at least a flicker of a flame of hope in Trump.

"This rally is to call to attention, raise awareness and rally support for Republican nominee, Mr. Donald Trump, featuring campaign representatives. This invitation is extended to both supporters and non-supporters, to engage in a real dialogue about issues that we want to see a part of the presidential narrative for 2016," explained a flyer for the event posted on Facebook.

"Supporting Hillary is like being with an abusive ex, one that you already know left you broken and wounded. At this point, give the new guy a chance. She has had a LONG political life, what she couldn't do in those years, can't be trusted to do within the next for (sic]. Even the Democratic Party that has manipulate our vote and smothered our voice, since the Civil Rights era," the description ended.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Maryland’s Coming Fracking Showdown

Can Maryland really turn down all that money?
As Maryland awaits a green light for fracking to begin, other states are reaping an economic bonanza. According to a 2011 Penn State study, just over the border to the north, that state’s Marcellus Shale producers generated an estimated $12.8 billion in economic activity in 2011. Over multiple years the extra income translates to almost $2.6 billion in additional state and local tax revenue. Ohio has added 6,000 jobs and over $400 million in new tax revenues.

Beyond the economic benefits, however, environmentalists should applaud the changes that the U.S. has been able to achieve as a result of fracking. Groups such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) have all attributed the 27 year low in CO2 emissions to the transition in U.S. energy sourcing away from dirtier coal, made possible by fracking and the increased use of natural gas.

However starting in 2011, Gov. Martin O’Malley blocked fracking and ordered a three-year moratorium while a state advisory committee “studied” the issue. Since O’Malley’s study period “expired,” during the 2015 session, the legislature imposed a further delay that prevented the state from issuing fracking permits until October 1, 2017.

The FAQs: California Bill Threatens Freedom of Religious Colleges

Now that gay marriage is politicized it is the new morality.  And you evil Christians?  You are IMMORAL!

SB 1146 would amend current California laws on postsecondary education to make two main changes.

The first is limiting the religious exemption from the Equity in Higher Education Act to educational institutions that are controlled by a religious organization specifically to train ministers. Seminaries would still be allowed to retain the exemption, but most Christian colleges and universities in California would no longer qualify.

The second stipulation is that it would require postsecondary educational institutions that receive the exemption to post a notice of it in a “prominent place” on campus, on their websites, on all brochures, and so on.

An amendment removed the language that would have allowed students who were “denied equal rights or opportunities on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation” to sue the schools for monetary damages.

Scientists find 'water windfall' beneath California's Central Valley

Well, this is good news for a parched CA!
California's drought-stricken Central Valley harbors three times more groundwater than previously estimated, Stanford scientists have found. Accessing this water in an economically feasible way and safeguarding it from possible contamination from oil and gas activities, however, will be challenging.

"It's not often that you find a 'water windfall,' but we just did," said study co-author Robert Jackson, the Michelle and Kevin Douglas Provostial Professor at Stanford. "There's far more fresh water and usable water than we expected."

The research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the week of June 27, highlights the need to better characterize and protect deep groundwater aquifers not only in California but in other parched regions as well.

"Our findings are relevant to a lot of other places where there are water shortages, including Texas, China and Australia," said study co-author Mary Kang, a postdoctoral associate at Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.

Texas shale oil has fought Saudi Arabia to a standstill

Truly amazing article.

Opec's worst fears are coming true. Twenty months after Saudi Arabia took the fateful decision to flood world markets with oil, it has still failed to break the back of the US shale industry.

The Saudi-led Gulf states have certainly succeeded in killing off a string of global mega-projects in deep waters. Investment in upstream exploration from 2014 to 2020 will be $1.8 trillion less than previously assumed, according to consultants IHS. But this is a bitter victory at best.

North America's hydraulic frackers are cutting costs so fast that most can now produce at prices far below levels needed to fund the Saudi welfare state and its military machine, or to cover Opec budget deficits.
Stunning article worth the read.