Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Big chill: Feds want to scour Net, media for 'hate speech'

The fact is, we know how this ends.

The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 “would create an updated comprehensive report examining the role of the Internet and other telecommunications in encouraging hate crimes based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation and create recommendations to address such crimes,” stated a news release from Markey’s office.

The one-page bill, reviewed by WND, calls for the Justice Department and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to “analyze information on the use of telecommunications, including the Internet, broadcast television and radio, cable television, public access television, commercial mobile services, and other electronic media, to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate.” 
This is evil and disgusting.  Oh, and here's the real laughable part:
Once the report is compiled, the bill calls for “any recommendations” for action “consistent with the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States” that is determined to be an “appropriate and necessary” way to address the purported encouragement of violent acts.
We already know what the Federal Government thinks of the US Constitution.

A Doctor's Declaration of Independence It's time to defy health-care mandates issued by bureaucrats not in the healing profession.

In an earlier post I called for the writing of a New Declaration if Independence.

It looks like others are taking up the idea as well.

I don't know about other physicians but I am tired—tired of the mandates, tired of outside interference, tired of anything that unnecessarily interferes with the way I practice medicine. No other profession would put up with this kind of scrutiny and coercion from outside forces. The legal profession would not. The labor unions would not. We as physicians continue to plod along and take care of our patients while those on the outside continue to intrude and interfere with the practice of medicine.

We could change the paradigm. We could as a group elect not to take any insurance, not to accept Medicare—many doctors are already taking these steps—and not to roll over time and time again. We have let nearly everyone trespass on the practice of medicine. Are we better for it? Has it improved quality? Do we have more of a voice at the table or less? Are we as physicians happier or more disgruntled then two years ago? Five years ago? Ten years ago?
I think this is a GREAT start.  But at some point, all the separate DoI's should be combined with an overarching document that would become THE New Declaration of Independence.

Latino assemblyman: Asians not ‘people of color’

Well, I think we have finally reached the very definition of Racist.  What's ironic is that Hispanics are NOT considered a "race".  They are lumped together with people who are considered the disgusting term "Anglos".  In other words, White.

In a way, he is sort of right.  The term "People of Color" was used from the early 1800s to describe Blacks and probably half-Blacks.  But, in a general sense, "People of Color" is just that; anyone other than whites.  It most certainly was NOT EVER used to describe Hispanics.

And this makes Alejo's selective use of the term all the more despicable - and racist.

What makes it delicious is that Alejo’s omission of Asian-Americans from “students of color” status so undercuts majority Democrats’ attempts to stop the Latino-Asian rift from growing.

What makes it obnoxious is that Alejo acts as if he holds the moral high ground in advocating for a return to UC admissions policies that punished Asian-American students with de facto quotas — in the name of atoning for white racism.

Racial justice? Social justice?

Joke justice.
Dems aren't racist, until they are.


From Breitbart CA:

Claudia Flores, a 36-year-old professional who has worked in the City Planning Department for eight years, is just one example of the fastest-growing gap between rich and poor in the nation. She was booted from a room she shared in a three-bedroom Mission District condo, where she was paying $1,000 a month – a figure that is virtually non-existent according to KQED, the PBS station in San Francisco.

The rent for the entire place, which is not covered by rent control, was going up to $6,300 a month and was given, instead, to “two guys in their 20s who work for Apple,” Sgfate.com writes. If she made more money, Flores says she would have been able to stay and not be forced to hop between one friend’s apartment while waiting for a space to open up at another's next month.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Gov. Perry Lures Toyota Sales HQ to Texas from California

Quite a feather in Guv Perry's hat.  A nice way to go out.

Gov. Rick Perry has scored another good jobs get for Texas, luring Toyota Motor Corp.'s U.S. sales headquarters to suburban Dallas from its current location in southern California.
< The relocation likely will bring much of the Japanese automaker's far-flung U.S. operations under one roof, including sales, service, marketing, advertising, manufacturing and quality, the people said.
< Toyota is not the first company to announce plans to leave California for Texas. In February, Occidental Petroleum Corp. said it would move from Los Angeles to Houston.
< Perry has made luring businesses from other states a priority, making personal recruiting trips to sell what the Republican touts as a superior business climate, particularly lower taxes and fewer regulations.

US, Mexico Are 'Rising Stars' in Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness

Well, ok.  Let's see some results.    And as Glen H. Reynolds would say:  faster, please.

According to BCG, the top 10 most competitive export economies are: China, United States, South Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium and France.

To help track the changes in global production costs over the last 10 years, BCG has developed a Global Manufacturing Cost-Competitiveness Index that covers four economic drivers: wages, productivity growth, energy costs and currency rates. The 25 countries included in the index represent nearly 90% of the global exports of manufactured goods.

“Many companies are making manufacturing investment decisions on the basis of a decades-old worldview that is sorely out of date,” said Harold L. Sirkin, a BCG senior partner and a co-author of the analysis. “They still see North America and western Europe as high cost and Latin America, eastern Europe and most of Asia—especially China—as low cost. In reality, there are now high- and low-cost countries in nearly every region of the world.”

Saturday, April 26, 2014

China's air pollution leading to more erratic climate for US, say scientists

I hate this.  The title says one thing and the article says another.  Where they really lost me was when they talked about their "sophisticated climate models".

According to the team's findings, which were released on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, these changes could ultimately contribute to erratic weather in the US.
 We already know pollution from China is sending mercury over here.   Why isn't that good enough to know.  I guess it isn't scary enough!!

New map could refocus state's pollution battles - A CROCK

So, when you look at it, your hair stand on end.  Holy cow!  This looks bad!  Is the pollution that bad??

But then, you start reading the fine print.
The rankings, however, are not based only on measures of environmental exposure. They also take into account socioeconomic characteristics and health data on residents to assess the overall vulnerability of communities. Those factors include poverty, education, unemployment, rates of asthma and low-birth-weight infants.
Now we find the scary looking map has other SOCIAL FACTORS included?   WTF?  Could it be just showing just the concentrations of pollutants wouldn't make the map look scary enough??  So, the map is worthless in giving an objective look at pollution and only is used to push a social agenda.


California is no longer a haven for the middle class

From Lodinews.com:

As Senik summarizes, California is governed by elites, for the elites, and they are increasingly the few remaining who can afford to live in the state.

Over the years, many analysts have wrongly predicted that California is on its last legs. They have been consistently wrong. And they may still be wrong. California has dodged a lot of bullets. Weathering the storm of a vanishing middle class may prove to be California’s biggest challenge.

Split by affirmative action bill, California Democrats weigh next steps

Hey, Dems!  What part of IT'S AGAINST THE LAW do you not understand?
The day de León gave that speech, Senate Democrats advanced SCA 5, a measure to put reversing California’s race-conscious admissions ban on the ballot. The ensuing backlash was swift and unexpected. Asian American lawmakers faced a groundswell of opposition from Asian American constituents concerned about losing out on university spots.

Leadership shelved the proposal, touching off racially tinged reprisals. A group of Latino and African American lawmakers informed Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, they were withdrawing their support for his congressional run. And African American and Latino lawmakers withheld their votes from an unrelated bill by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, allowing it to fail on the floor.

“I feel I was targeted because of my race,” Muratsuchi said.

While the strife has bruised lawmakers, it has also sent a message to constituents about turmoil among California Democrats.
Yes.  You were.  You were targeted because of your race.  Like I keep saying, Democrats are the True Racists.

U.S. electricity prices may be going up for good. Experts warn of a growing fragility as coal-fired plants are shut down, nuclear power is reduced and consumers switch to renewable energy.

CA is a state of scared rabbits.

The electrical system's duress was a direct result of the polar vortex, the cold air mass that settled over the nation. But it exposed a more fundamental problem. There is a growing fragility in the U.S. electricity system, experts warn, the result of the shutdown of coal-fired plants, reductions in nuclear power, a shift to more expensive renewable energy and natural gas pipeline constraints. The result is likely to be future price shocks. And they may not be temporary.

One recent study predicts the cost of electricity in California alone could jump 47% over the next 16 years, in part because of the state's shift toward more expensive renewable energy.
What I find the most disgusting is the fact the the LA Times has been complicit in bringing this all about with their one-sided reporting.  And they have the gall to NOW?  NOW?  to talk about the results of it all?

Yahoo!: Fixing something that isn't broken

Maybe I just don't like change.  But over the years, Yahoo! has felt the need to jazz up their email and their "My Yahoo" site.  I have grumbled during the changes and then grown used to them.

But, I think they have finally reached the point of diminishing returns. Not only that, the changes they make many times don't even work.  By fixing something that wasn't broken...they broke it.

I use a number of browsers:  Safari, Chrome, IE, even one called Blackhawk (which I really like).  I even use Opera (not half bad!).  But as Yahoo! piles on the tweeks to their email, the worse it gets.  Attaching files, deleting email, even trying to send email works maybe 90 - 95% of the time at the most.  And that's using tightly written browsers like Chrome.

What finally made me decide to just chuck the whole thing was Yahoo!'s decision to discontinue bookmarks on their My Yahoo! site.  That was it for me.  Of all the features in My Yahoo!  this ranks in the top two or three.  Taking that away gives me little reason to stay with Yahoo!  I also pay Yahoo! for enhanced services a yearly fee which is looking sillier and sillier as time goes on.

So, what is Yahoo!'s new idea for your bookmarks?  Download their TOOLBAR!  Yes,  you read that right.  You know those toolbars that take away desktop space on your browser?  Those tool bars that SLOW DOWN your browser?  Those tool bars that hog memory?  Yeah, those tool bars.  Who are they kidding?

Anyway, as much as I hate to admit it, email plays a smaller and smaller role in my life, as I'm sure it is with other people.  I use SMS far more often than sending an email.  Email's primary use is to keep me in touch with businesses, not people.  It is a rarity when I receive an email from a friend.  And nowadays, when you sign up for a service, per their T&C you start to receive tons of emails from their "affiliates".

Who likes that?

More renounce US citizenship but deny stereotype

Yeah.  But as you read it, you realize 50% of the people interviewed gave up their US Citizen BECAUSE of the taxation and the extreme heavy handedness of the Federal Government.

The article mentions that the first $96,600 earned abroad isn't taxed.  If it were only that easy.  First of all, even if you earn under that amount, you're required to file a tax return.  Second of all,  it isn't like they lop off the $96,600 and you just pay taxes on the remaining as some sort of adjusted income tax rate.  No!   This amount is taxed at the HIGHER TAX Bracket.  So, if you earn $100,000 your adjusted income isn't $3,400 which would mean you would pay no taxes.  No.  You would pay taxes at whatever tax bracket you were in at $100,000.  Say it's 25% (maybe it's lower).  That means you would owe $850.  What trickery!

I don't think it's a coincidence that there are RECORD NUMBERS of people jumping the USS America during a period of time the President has screwed up healthcare, has targeted American Citizens as enemies of the state due to their conservative ideals, allowed Quantitative Easing enriching the few and impoverishing the many, passing onerous regulations shuttering coal power plants in the process,  throwing thousands of people out of work, disallowing the XL Pipeline from being constructed that, keeping thousands of people from getting good paying jobs to put food on their tables, confiscating the land of honest citizens by the hands of unelected officials who are accountable to NO ONE, raising the taxes on the peoples of this country at a time we need less spending by the Federal government, not more, proliferating the deep surveilling  of innocent US Citizens in the vague notion that this is protection, forcing companies who uphold their religious convictions against certain medical services that are in direct conflict with said convictions, and the complicit encouragement of militarizing of civil law enforcement.

Do I have to continue?

It's clear to me we don't need to amend the US Constitution.  We need a New Declaration of Independence.  Let's give people reasons to stay US citizens.

Six years after Tapanila's husband lost his job at a Boeing factory in Washington state and they moved to Canada for work, the couple became citizens of their new country. She says U.S. consular officials told her that, by swearing allegiance to Canada, she might well have lost her American citizenship.

After retiring from a job as an administrative assistant at an oil company in Calgary, Tapanila began putting $125 a month into a special savings account for her developmentally disabled son, matched by the Canadian government. In her will, she authorized creation of a trust fund to draw on retirement savings and other assets to provide for her son, who is now 40, after her death.

Tapanila says she didn't know she was required to file U.S. tax returns until 2007, when her daughter raised the subject. Her troubles were compounded by her decision to apply for a U.S. passport after a border officer told her she should have one. She has since spent $42,000 on fees for lawyers and accountants and paid about $2,000 in U.S. taxes, including on funds in her son's disability savings account.

In 2012 she turned in the passport, renouncing U.S. citizenship to protect money saved for her retirement and her son. Tapanila, 70, has tried and failed to renounce U.S. citizenship on his behalf, saying officials told her such a decision must be made by the individual alone.

"You know, we are not rich people and we are not tax evaders and we are not traitors and I'm more than tired of being labeled that way," Tapanila says.

"I'm sorry that I've given my son this burden and I can do nothing about it ... I thought we had some rights to go wherever we wanted to go and some choices we could make in our lives. I thought that was democracy. Apparently, I've got it all wrong."

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cliven Bundy a racist? HARDLY!

Even with the edited version, I just don't understand what Bundy said that was wrong.  Social welfare HAS enslaved blacks.  And not just blacks, people of ALL color and ALL walks of life.  But without a doubt, blacks have probably felt the brunt of the mental coercion which in Bundy's opinion and MY opinion, too, is in some ways WORSE than slavery.

And when you talk to a man like Bundy, a man who you could characterize as salt of the earth, you really can't expect to hear the same wording that comes out of the mouth of a George Will.  You're going to hear the words coming straight out of his heart completely unfiltered, just like he said it was.

And now I hear Hannity has condemned Bundy.  Well, this is very telling.  We now know that not only have Conservatives lost any control of the debates - any debates of whatever you want to list - but we have found ourselves on the Left's side.  There has been a MENTAL SHIFT to agree with Leftist's on their reasoning.

This all tells me that the Conservative movement is a lost cause.

Here is the unedited version of his interview.  He praises Hispanics.  He talks about the WATTS riots praising the fact that blacks are better off now and "we're sure we don't want to go back".  That, in my opinion, is not the remark of an avowed racist.  He goes on to praise Hispanics and didn't seem to have any problems with them being here illegally.  That doesn't sound racist to me.  In fact, he sounds to the left of a lot of conservatives.

What I see is Leftist destruction of a man with a heart of gold.

But...then what do others say who know him?

So, this all tells me it is all Leftist character assassination.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Calif. moves to ban judges affiliated with Boy Scouts

So, the Leftist Purge begins.  You have fallen so far.  CA, be afraid.  Be very afraid.

In a move with major legal implications, The California Supreme Court Advisory Committee on The Code of Judicial Ethics has proposed to classify the Boy Scouts as practicing “invidious discrimination” against gays, which would end the group’s exemption to anti-discriminatory ethics rules and would prohibit judges from being affiliated with the group.

“The Committee’s invitation ignores the fact that the change also encompasses other youth organizations whose membership is limited on the basis of gender, e.g., the Girl Scouts, as well as the military, which continues to practice ‘discrimination’ on the basis of gender,” wrote Catherine Short, legal director of the pro-life group Life Legal Defense Foundation, in a letter to the Committee obtained by TheDC that predicts possible implications for pro-life judges in the future.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Milwaukee advantage Provade thrives after moving from Silicon Valley

Yes, there is life after CA.
"Over time, Milwaukee was just a much easier place and a better place to hire and to have employees," Parks said. "It just happened naturally. Attrition happened in other areas and growth continued happening (in Milwaukee)."

The fact that the company was able to find continued growth after relocating, "speaks volumes for technology and innovation in Milwaukee," said Tom Rumberg, Provade vice president of technology and a Bay Area native.

"In the right environment, that Midwestern mentality really helps with innovation," Rumberg said. "Having worked in Silicon Valley and worked here (in Milwaukee), I am a lot more open and free to work here than I ever was there."

And this quote is the money shot: "We've added more staff here than we ever did in California," Rumberg said. "Each person we have hired has had a meaningful impact on the value of our product."

Save taxes by moving

This is an interesting website that can help you make the decision to bug out of CA.

The more you make, the more you save.  I'm not sure how complex the algorithm is.  I think it looks at just the income taxes.  Not property taxes.  For instance, I moved from Houston, TX to Greenville, SC and my house payment dropped dramatically since property taxes are much lower.  But they have an income there.

Lampasans debate relocating company’s economic effect, incentives city plans to offer

I think this story is rather telling.  It looks to me that so many companies are moving to Texas that locals are getting particular as to who they give incentives to.
“Personally ... I think that if the city is going to help a company relocate, it should be one that will employ 50-100 and potentially bring millions of dollars to our economy rather than a company that will employ an average of 10 people,” he wrote on the Dispatch Record’s Facebook page.

Jones said he may create more than 10 jobs. The business owner said he is considering moving additional operations from California to Lampasas, and he said he could employ as many as 50 people in the city.

High School Cube mulls HQ move to California

Wow!  Another one looking to move to CA.
The company, which is partly owned by Sun-Times Media parent Wrapports LLC, has been seeking additional investments and recently opened an office in San Francisco, near the Silicon Valley pool of technology investors and talent. High School Cube provides online broadcasts of high school games as well as other events and is led by CEO Larry Cotter.

California-based sporting goods retailer moving to Allen

From the Dallas Morning News:

“We were seeking a more favorable business climate,” said president Tom Arnold. “Texas, and Allen in particular, rate highly in consideration of economic climate, growth prospects, available labor, regulatory environment and quality of life.”

The sporting goods company, which has been in business since 1999, plans to hire about 150 local workers before the end of the year.

MonkeySports is buying a 261,000-square-foot building at 105 W. Bethany Drive to house its operations. The building previously housed a semiconductor firm.

Boeing moving 1,000 more engineering jobs to California

About time!  These are good jobs that will help the economy.

Boeing told employees Thursday it will transfer 1,000 more engineering jobs from the Puget Sound area to Southern California by the end of next year.

The move, rumored for months, is the latest in a series of engineering transfers out of state that now totals more than 4,300 Boeing jobs.

In the latest blow, most of the engineering group that provides technical support to airlines flying Boeing jets will move to Seal Beach and Long Beach.

Video: How removing one regulation created hundreds of jobs in Mississippi

Who would think that you would need a full cosmetology license just to braid hair?  Hard to believe that a simple tweeking of the law enabled people to get jobs.

But we've sent this before in CA.  By tweaking existing law, people were finally allowed to sell baked goods cooked in their home kitchen.

In both cases, hundreds of jobs were created in the process.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anti-Christian Bigots Target Clemson Football Program

Something called the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has sent a demand letter to Clemson University regarding its football program. It appears head coach Dabo Swinney has had the unmitigated audacity to hire a team chaplain and have Bible studies. Three privately funded buses took the team to a church. Even more outrageous, three players spoke of their faith in Jesus Christ at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast. The real horror is that their teammates heard about that faith in person. FFRF is a meddling group from Wisconsin intent on eliminating faith from the public square. Interestingly there isn’t a single Clemson player speaking out against Swinney’s inclusion of Christianity in the football program.
I don't understand why we tolerate this sort of thing.  This country was settled and developed around the idea of the free expression of religious principals and the free association with like minded Christians and Jews.  That is why we say that this is a country founded on Judeo-Christian values.  If you don't like it, you need to move to another country.  You CANNOT restrict the religious proclivities of a people.  You are going against the very basis of this country.

Sriracha sauce maker considers relocation

A real American Success Story.  Stabbed in the heart.

Tran said he fears the city won't accept any solution he proposes. If Irwindale residents continue to complain even after smell-mitigation technology is installed, Sriracha's legal troubles could have no end, Tran said. City officials "tell you one thing, but think another," Tran said in an interview at Huy Fong Foods on Wednesday. "I don't want to sit here and wait to die."
And city officials are just shocked at his attitude! CA is chock full of stories of companies and people who get ground to dust by city, county and state officials.

Mr. Tran.  Come to Texas. You won't ever regret it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 Versus Today

We  KNOW what the difference would be if the GOVERNMENT was in control.  But here we show the Then and Now of pit stop crew technology in  1950 and 2013.

Link from Intelligence Report via Free Republic,

California Soda Scolds Push Unnecessary Warnings

Sodas have been sold in the USA for over 100 years.  You would think that if they were that bad we'd know it and it would be almost self-evident. So, why the heck do we need warning labels?

The fact is, Californians already suffer from “warning fatigue,” inundated as they are with warning labels on everything from fishing rods to Christmas lights. This is largely due to the state’s Proposition 65, a misguided and overbroad piece of legislation that requires all products with supposed cancer-causing chemicals to carry warning labels. Loved by trial lawyers (who make a killing off lawsuits), and hated by everyone else, Prop 65 means that another warning label will simply get lost in the traffic and be ignored, which, let’s face it, all warning labels that don’t alert people to imminent danger are.

Southern California Edison to lay off hundreds

Well, it does mention "outsourcing" which means many of the employees will be hired back as contractors.

The number of workers affected by the cuts will be “in the high hundreds,” Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Pacoima, chairman of the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee, said in comments reported by the Los Angeles Times. “It’s pretty disappointing ... (The cuts) are not going to help” California’s economy.

Uncle Sam Seizes Children’s Tax Refunds To Pay Parents’ Debts

Sorry guys.  I haven't been able to post many articles.  For one, I'm in Seoul, South Korea, and my routine here isn't ammenable to posting much.  Then my computer started giving me trouble.  And then I left my charger in Japan.  I've ordered another one and it should be here soon.  Anyway, back to the show...

How many reasons do you need to take all of this out of the Federal Government's grimy, slimy hands?  Overpayment?  And whose fault is that?  And now they want the CHILDREN to pay?  Whose idea was that?

Let’s kick this discussion off with a recent real-world example. A few weeks ago, with no notice, the US government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. Grice had no idea that Uncle Sam had seized her tax refunds until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy an old debt to the government – a very old debt.

When Grice was four, back in 1960, her father died, leaving her mother with five children to raise. Until the kids turned 18, Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them.

Now, Social Security claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family – it’s not even sure who – in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after her daughter Mary. Why the Feds chose to take Mary’s money, rather than her surviving siblings, is a mystery.

The PR has been deservedly brutal for the SSA.  The program has been suspended and is being reviewed.  But we know how this will end.  When we aren't looking, the program will be started up again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why Does China Not Have Famines Anymore?

For most of China’s history, famine was just an extreme version of the normal state of affairs. As recently as the late 1970s, 30 percent of China’s population was undernourished. Grains supplied the overwhelming majority of their calories. One in 3 children under the age of 5 had stunted growth.
It’s almost hard to believe how different today’s China has become. By 2005, fewer than 1 in 10 Chinese people were undernourished. Consumption of meat nearly doubled and fruit consumption more than tripled in the past three decades. Birth weights have risen, and the average 6-year-old child is two inches taller today than in the 1970s. (Pause on that incredible fact for a moment.) China feeds 20 percent of the world’s people using less than 10 percent of arable land, with plenty of food left over to export. Food has fueled the Chinese miracle.

But then it got weird.

Chinese central planners can also take credit for some of the investments made by Chinese farmers themselves. Around the time of the reform, the Chinese government increased the amount it paid farmers for their crops by around 25 percent. In a single year, Chinese farm income surged massively due almost exclusively to government policy. Many of the farmers put some of their capital windfall toward the purchase of chemical fertilizers, which flooded the Chinese market around the same time, further enhancing productivity.
Sheer luck played a major part in the incredible Chinese agricultural surge as well. Beginning in 1982, China saw some of the best years of farming weather in recorded history. Unless you think that was God’s way of endorsing the capitalist reforms, that change artificially inflated early 1980s productivity and magnified the positive effects of both the infrastructure investments and the capitalist reforms. "
So he's saying after hundreds of years of China being followed by a grey cloud of famine all of a sudden they got lucky?

Now maybe if China were the ONLY EXAMPLE of Communism we have then maybe we could argue that he might have a point.  But it's NOT the only example.

On top of that the 25% increase was actually a bit of Capitalism that incentivized farmers to produce more.  But the author just doesn't see it.

Even when things go completely right with Communism in the end it never goes like it's planned.  Because Communism removes self determinism from the equation.  When you do that, all is lost.  All is hopeless. 

And finally, if China stayed Communist the way it used to be,  does he really think their luck would hold out such that there would be few if any famines?

Who owns the west. Best graphic there is!

Ok.  Just so you know.  Here's the map.  Pay attention to how much of Texas the Feds own.

Feds Back Down In New Bundy Standoff, Agree to Release Cattle

What did you expect to happen in a state that is owned more by the Federal Government than by the people or the state??  Something like 87% of the state is owned by the Federal Goverment.  When that much of a state is owned by the Feds is it really a state anymore?

"Despite the fact that Bureau of Land Management officials agreed to cease their operation to seize Bundy’s cattle after a massive public backlash, Bundy demanded that Sheriff Douglas Gillespie disarm BLM officials and return his stolen cows.

When this didn’t happen, hundreds of Bundy supporters, including cowboys on horseback, descended on a nearby cattle pen outside of Mesquite where the seized cows were being held."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Rise of the Anti-Tech California Left

Ed Driscoll is really incredible.  But none of this surprises me.  Pure, unadulterated Statism is anti-West which means it is anti-anything that smacks of western culture which means it HAS to be against technology.

A Civil War between the grassroots Left, in other words, which is occurring simultaneously and intersecting with the ongoing battle for control among the party’s elite, and connected by Henry Hazlitt’s 1966 definition of Marxism:

The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are. Never under any circumstances admit that his success may be due to his own efforts, to the productive contribution he has made to the whole community. Always attribute his success to the exploitation, the cheating, the more or less open robbery of others.

A segment on the radical anti-progress, success-envying Luddite anarcho Bay Area Left sounds like it would catnip to a TV news network struggling in the ratings and looking to break the cycle from the one story it’s been obsessing on for an extended period.
No matter what, the People will lose.

Silicon Valley scares Americans: Column

Article by the great Glenn H. Reynolds.  He has a great website, too, except for the awful plugging he does for Amazon.
"A level of suspicion and confusion we haven't had before." That's right. And it's made worse by the increasing politicization of Silicon Valley, and the transformation of its leaders from rebels into what Joel Kotkin calls "the new oligarchs," people who once talked about technology as liberation, but who now seem more interested in using technology as an instrument of control. It's not just NSA spying; it's that the companies gather data on everyone, with comparatively little legal oversight.

You might have been OK with that a decade or two ago, when Silicon Valley seemed full of people who would stand up to the Man. Now, they are The Man (or The Woman) in many ways, or in cahoots with them. Might the information you gave to OKCupid be used against you someday? Your only protection, really, is their good nature. And how good is that?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4 Smart microcars tipped over around Bernal Heights

This is the new cow tipping!!
The first vehicle was found on its roof on the 200 block of Anderson Street around 1 a.m. Within minutes, another Smart car was rolled near Andersen and Ogden streets.

The third tipping happened a short time later near Bowdoin and Sweeny streets, while a fourth was discovered near Prospect and Coso avenues, said Officer Gordon Shyy, a police spokesman.

Shyy said the suspects were described as seven people in hooded sweatshirts.

Monday, April 7, 2014

We Are Hungry

When you've lost the children.....you've lost the war.  Funny video that some people put together showing the outright hatred and disgust of what MICHELLE O'BAMA has done to them.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Unbelievable twitter snapshots of the disgusting food being served kids, thanks to M. O'bama.

Californians Upset Over Lack Of Doctors Under Obamacare

Pay all that money and there's no prize in the box of Crackerjacks!

“It takes, in our mind, three things for an exchange to work. It takes having affordable health plans delivering quality care, it takes effective marketing outreach, and it takes effective enrollment,” Lee said.

Sadly though, Californians newly enrolled in Covered California are facing the grim reality that the care they are receiving is neither affordable, nor quality.

Few doctors are accepting the new health insurance plans, Californians say.

One Californian woman told KPIX-CA, “This is not what we were promised.”

Hispanic media shuts down GOP: We are Dems, ‘we don’t need your viewpoints’

Yes....this is in CA:

When the staff of a media company with a large Hispanic audience in competitive states feels free to closes the door to communication with the Republican Party on the grounds that “I am a Democrat and do not need to read your viewpoints,” it’s no wonder Hispanic voters might feel like Republicans aren’t talking to them.

The incident comes in the same week that a report by the Media Research Center documented rampant bias in favor of Democrats by Spanish-language media giants Univision and Telemundo.

“Conservative viewpoints are continuously being dismissed by Spanish language news and this is a real cause for concern because Hispanic audiences are being denied the information they need to make informed decisions,” Ali Pardo, the Republican National Committee spokeswoman who received the rebuff, told the Daily Caller.
Yes, all those Hispanics that have crossed over to partake of the bountiful fruits of America who came from such powerhouse countries like Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, et al, know so much more how to run a country than Republicans do.  Why should they listen to Republicans?  They know how a country should really be run...............down.

Yes.  The future of CA is in the very best of hands.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Not literally blind, but philosophically blind.
The GOP's relentless opposition has been puzzling. Republicans have resorted to extreme measures to try to derail Obamacare, including an implicit threat to prevent the National Football League from participating in a marketing campaign to encourage people to sign up.

So, then you read the comments.  And here are a few samples:
JJ:    Dear Cynthia - for every person that signs up - there is an equal counterpart that the ACA hurts. My company had to drop my current coverage and my rates went up to $325 a week! When I went to sign up for the ACA It was even more. So please tell me how the other persons right for affordable health care is more important than mine? In fact, Cynthia, lets do the math...$325x4= $1300 a month (A nice house payment) x 12= $15,600 a year - oh wait, then there is the $5,000 deductible!!!! But I am forced to sign up or pay over a $1,000 penalty?

Its strange - could it be that Democrats, want millions of americans to be so dependent on the government that they can control them?
America1st:   I guess I am One of those Irrational People The Story is Referring to. We are Retired on SS and Have Medicare My Secondary Insurance Thanks to OhVomit Care Just Went up $10.00 a MONTH SHY OF Triple Yep I am Pizzed Off So I Guess I am Irrational alright! Just Wait Until This Coming November when ALL Us IRRATIONAL People Vote All The Democrats that Shoved this Bill Down Our Throats Without Ever Reading IT! Please Excuse My Poor Spelling and Grammar But I did Not Get to GO to Harvard like Barrack Obama. But at Least I Know We Only Have 50 States NOT 57 Like The Liar In Chief Thought during His First Campaign. Before you Liberal Sheep Start Calling Me a Liar GOOGLE It or GO On YOU Tube They Keep Putting the Video Back Up After Obama Has it Taken Down!
Soren:  It does not deal with costs. I voted for Obama the first time and ACA was a stab in the back for those who voted for him. ACA favors insurance companies and the healthcare industry by giving them a windfall and a mandate that nobody in America can refuse to sign up. Because of that healthcare can charge whatever they want and people will still have to pay the higher and higher premiums and deductibles. I saved my whole working life to pay for healthcare, I don't need ACA and yet I am still forced to buy it. I am forced to be a party to this new European socialism. WE are not Europe and we never wanted to be. Nothing about those other countries and America are the same, comparing us to Europe is dead wrong. I can get better healthcare for much less in Costa Rica and have it all done in a week while pay cash for it. I should have that choice. I should have the choice to chose not to get a staff infection that is so common in the hospitals where I live. I alone should decide on my own healthcare.
sjax63:  I'm sorry Ms Tucker but your attempt to justify ACA completely fell off the table with the vast majority of people in the West Georgia community I live in. The coffee shops, barber shops, church lobbies, sports clubs and on and on are awash with family disappointment - premium increases (several as much as doubled), ridiculous deductibles, long time doctors and dentists out of network - Good God Almighty, mam, get out of your infatuation pants and pay attention. I am thrilled about your friend and all those getting a break with insurance but please read with an open mind many of the alternative ideas being presented by several compassionate legislators and others. Pay attention to the incredible amount of tax dollars spent and to be be spent on this foolish law. Eventually the ACA will have to be severely adjusted to return the greater number of families med. care solvency.
Steven   Why doesn't Ms Tucker do actual analysis instead of a promotional piece? I don’t care if you like ACA or not, don’t make statements like “She is one of more than 7 million people who have signed up for health insurance through the ACA, stark evidence of the overwhelming market demand“and expect to be taken seriously…

First, this isn't optional…it’s the law. The fact that millions more have decided to not obey the law speaks much more loudly…we passed a law and have extended the deadline yet a larger percentage have chosen to violate the law versus comply…and you think that translates to "overwhelming market demand?"

Second, ACA resulted in the cancellation of millions of individual’s policies - nearly the same as the number of new enrollees…estimates vary but it’s a safe swag to say that one million of the new enrollees were previously uninsured…I remember the issue was getting insurance for the 44 million uninsured…how’s that working? Only 2-3 percent of the target population have signed up, and you think that translates to "overwhelming market demand?

There are positives and negatives about the ACA, but having blind partisan pieces like this one is no better that Fox “news”
Ben: Cool, you found one person helped by the ACA. I can give you a list of 38 employees who are all losing their current, excellent, coverage that included dental and eye and are having it replaced with a plan that will cost DOUBLE what the previous plan costs losing all dental and all eye coverage. So they pay double the price, no longer get dental check-ups and can no longer get up to TWO free pairs of eyeglasses (up to a limit of $350 PER PAIR, $700 a year). These are the employees of my father's small business. Their old plan no longer exists according to the insurance company. My father now isn't hiring full-time employees because it's cheaper to hire two part-timers and save money on insurance (including worker's comp). So why do I oppose Obamacare?

Simple, because it's been proven time and time again that when big businesses feels threatened, or can find a way to improve margins by blaming it on something "out of their control," they are going to do it. I was saying at the beginning of the debate that people's plans were going to be canceled regardless and premiums were going to go up, all being blamed on the ACA. And what happened? Plans canceled and rates have skyrocketed. Wow! Who saw that coming? Literally everyone who has a head for business. What a win-win for private insurers! Rates get to go up, the government is going to foot the bill of most people signing up so they get boatloads of literally guaranteed money, and they aren't going to have to pay as much to deliver the "minimum" required care. So those 7 million people get insurance, and my choice is to either pay for substandard insurance or pay a $95 fine off my federal tax return. Well, since I didn't get a tax return (I owed New York $130, somehow, so that wiped out my federal return) I guess I'll just pay the fine since I don't feel as though $500 is justifiable for health care that gives me one check-up and free birth control. Last I checked, not having a uterus was an amazing form of birth control and since my last check-up was pointless, as I'm in my 20's, I'll just pay myself $500 and call it "Bencare." Huh, guess I'm just a fuddy duddy Republican who hates the idea of other people having insurance. God forbid logic step in and tell me something is obviously a stupid idea unless you are either a Medicaid recipient or the CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
These are very perceptive comments.  Pulitzer Prize winner?  Are you kidding?

Friday, April 4, 2014

BLAME CALIFORNIA: Purge the Bigots

CA has no idea what they have started.

This is the beginning of the Inquisition.  And the sad thing is they don't even see the irony and the hypocrisy in their words.

Thirty-seven companies in the database are linked to more than 1,300 employees who gave nearly $1 million in combined contributions to the campaign for Prop 8. Twenty-five tech companies are linked to 435 employees who gave more than $300,000. Many of these employees gave $1,000 apiece, if not more. Some, like Eich, are probably senior executives.

Why do these bigots still have jobs? Let’s go get them.

So, the Spanish Inquisition really never stopped.  It just changed its name and its cause.

Yeah!  Let's BLACKLIST THEM!!  And let's not stop there! Let's PASS LAWS and ban them from using normal restaurants the rest of us use!  Make a LAW that makes them use their own restaurants or even bars for their "own kind"!

Let's not stop there.  Let's PASS LAWS that ban them from using the same public restrooms like the rest of us use!  Make them hold it on or set up a separate bathroom. for them so I don't have to associate with them!!

Wow, I could never ever marry one of THEM.  How disgusting!  I would never let one of MY kids ever marry one of THEM!!

Yep!  Just like Democrats that established Jim Crow laws and "separate but equal"  we see the REAL FACE OF DEMOCRATS and Leftists.  THEY ARE THE REAL BIGOTS.

And where did this start?  WHERE DO YOU THINK? CALIFORNIA!

WSJ has an article about this:

Thomas's argument rested heavily on the facts of the Proposition 8 campaign, and it's worth quoting at length (we're omitting legal citations and shortening and adding links to news-media ones): 
Some opponents of Proposition 8 compiled this information and created Web sites with maps showing the locations of homes or businesses of Proposition 8 supporters. Many supporters (or their customers) suffered property damage, or threats of physical violence or death, as a result. They cited these incidents in a complaint they filed after the 2008 election, seeking to invalidate California's mandatory disclosure laws. Supporters recounted being told: "Consider yourself lucky. If I had a gun I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter," or, "we have plans for you and your friends." Proposition 8 opponents also allegedly harassed the measure's supporters by defacing or damaging their property. Two religious organizations supporting Proposition 8 reportedly received through the mail envelopes containing a white powdery substance.

Those accounts are consistent with media reports describing Proposition 8-related retaliation. The director of the nonprofit California Musical Theater gave $1,000 to support the initiative; he was forced to resign after artists complained to his employer. The director of the Los Angeles Film Festival was forced to resign after giving $1,500 because opponents threatened to boycott and picket the next festival. [John Lott and Bradley Smith, The Wall Street Journal] And a woman who had managed her popular, family-owned restaurant for 26 years was forced to resign after she gave $100, because "throngs of [angry] protesters" repeatedly arrived at the restaurant and "shout[ed] 'shame on you' at customers." [Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times]. The police even had to "arriv[e] in riot gear one night to quell the angry mob" at the restaurant. Ibid. Some supporters of Proposition 8 engaged in similar tactics; one real estate businessman in San Diego who had donated to a group opposing Proposition 8 "received a letter from the Prop. 8 Executive Committee threatening to publish his company's name if he didn't also donate to the 'Yes on 8' campaign."

The success of such intimidation tactics has apparently spawned a cottage industry that uses forcibly disclosed donor information to pre-empt citizens' exercise of their First Amendment rights. Before the 2008 Presidential election, a "newly formed nonprofit group . . . plann[ed] to confront donors to conservative groups, hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions." Its leader, "who described his effort as 'going for the jugular,' " detailed the group's plan to send a "warning letter . . . alerting donors who might be considering giving to right-wing groups to a variety of potential dangers, including legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives." [New York Times news story]

These instances of retaliation sufficiently demonstrate why this Court should invalidate mandatory disclosure and reporting requirements. But amici [friends of the court] present evidence of yet another reason to do so--the threat of retaliation from elected officials. As amici's submissions make clear, this threat extends far beyond a single ballot proposition in California. For example, a candidate challenging an incumbent state attorney general [in West Virginia] reported that some members of the State's business community feared donating to his campaign because they did not want to cross the incumbent; in his words, " 'I go to so many people and hear the same thing: "I sure hope you beat [the incumbent], but I can't afford to have my name on your records. He might come after me next." ' " [Kim Strassel, The Wall Street Journal]

Thomas's conclusion (quoting an earlier opinion of his own): "I cannot endorse a view of the First Amendment that subjects citizens of this Nation to death threats, ruined careers, damaged or defaced property, or pre-emptive and threatening warning letters as the price for engaging in "core political speech, the 'primary object of First Amendment protection. "

So now we read that CA passed a law requiring the database of contributors to be made public.

But what the Pro-Gay crowd doesn't understand is that this cuts BOTH WAYS.  Next, we will start seeing who contributed to groups running AGAINST the ban on gay marriage will start to be targeted.

And when that happens, guess what? There will then be an outcry that the information should be reverted to being confidential again!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Green Guru James Lovelock on Climate Change: ‘I don’t think anybody really knows what’s happening. They just guess’ – Lovelock Reverses Himself on Global Warming

James Lovelock: ''IPCC is too politicized & too internalized' -- On Green religion: 'I don't think people have noticed that, but it's got all the sort of terms that religions use. The greens use guilt. You can't win people round by saying they are guilty for putting CO2 in the air'
You don't say?  Why has it taken this long for people to see this?

James Lovelock on Ozone hole science: ‘We should have been warned by the CFC/ozone affair because the corruption of science in that was so bad…’ ‘Something like 80% of the measurements being made during that time were either faked, or incompetently done’

Global warming guru admits he was wrong about climate change: ‘He admits that speaking in more reasonable terms ‘would have spoilt the book.’

2010 Shock: Green Guru Lovelock warms to skeptics! ‘The skeptics have kept us sane…They have kept us from regarding climate science as a religion. It had gone too far that way’
80% of the ozone measurements were bad data or FAKED?  Why are we just now hearing this??  We spent, who knows how many billions of dollars to retool refrigeration systems because of BAD SCIENCE?

Will anyone believe the technocrats after all this?


History will repeat itself.  In CA.
According to The Detroit News, "justified" self-defense shootings in Detroit are hovering around 10 since January 1st.

This is up considerably from 2013, in which "there were 15 justifiable [self-defense shootings] in the city" during the entire year.

And far from criticizing the fact that more and more homeowners are standing up for their lives and property, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said he views this rebirth of self-defense as proof that"more and more Detroiters are becoming empowered."

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Did Michigan just trigger 'constitutional convention'? Bid gains steam

Michigan is the 34th state to call a Constitutional Convention.

Just don't let the Leftists hijack it.

Even if the requisite number of states have applied, questions remain about how such a convention would work -- and whether, as Michigan wants, such a convention could be limited to only discussing a balanced-budget amendment.

It still may be a long shot, but some analysts are warning about the unintended consequences of such a move.

In Louisiana, Budget Project Policy Analyst Steve Spire argued against the state's resolution, saying the convention could permanently damage the nation’s political system.

Permanently damage the nation's political system?  And that's a bad thing?

Apparently, according to the article, several of the 34 states have rescinded their call.  We'll see how this plays out.

And a balance budget amendment? I'm sorry, but the Federal Government already IGNORES THE CONSTITUTION.  Do you think adding another amendment is going to magically start them following it?  I don't think so.

The answer is somewhere else.  Something that not only takes power away from The Fed, but also gives it to states or individuals.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Study: States with higher minimum wages had higher unemployment

This is such a no brainer. 
A new study by the free-market American Action Forum found that states with minimum wages higher than the federal minimum suffer from higher unemployment.

Researchers looked at labor data from both the nineteen states that as of 2013 had enforced minimum wages above $7.25 per hour and the thirty-one states that had minimum wages equal to $7.25.

Overall, they found that just a $1 increase in the minimum wage was “associated with a 1.48 percentage point increase in the unemployment rate,” and a “0.18 percentage point decrease in the net job growth rate.”

Yes, We Can... Wait

Taranto tells it like it is.  Government so inept, so incompetent, so....STUPID that they look at the lines of people waiting to get insurance not as a bug but as a feature.
The post includes photos of people literally waiting in line in outside drab, institutional-looking buildings in Las Vegas and two Texas cities, El Paso and McAllen. There are also shots from Tampa, Fla., and Houston, where rows of people sit in classrooms in front of computers. Two people in Houston are standing at the back of the room, allowing McGuinness to hype the scene by saying "it was standing-room-only."

But it was the line photos that we found arresting. And it's clear McGuinness was advancing a White House line. Press secretary Jay Carney opened his daily briefing yesterday with the following gasconade: "As you can see by the lines around the country this weekend, we are seeing a surge in enrollment."

The first thing we thought of when we saw the pictures was the photos we've recently seen on Twitter of Venezuelans waiting in bread lines. Waiting in line to purchase necessities is a characteristic not of a prosperous free society but of command economies under repressive regimes. Closer to home, one doubts even the Transportation Security Administration would be so tone-deaf as to advertise long airport lines as an indication it's doing a great job.

U-Haul Index for April 2014

Maybe last month was a glitch.  The number are back up for Fresno:

San Francisco ==> San Antonio  $1,395
San Antonio ==> San Francisco  $  616

Fresno ==> San Antonio        $ 1,690
San Antonio ==> Fresno        $    845


Finally, someone in CA who gets it.

Birman said, “My parents risked their lives to get me and my brother out of the collapsed Soviet Union. I mean they exhibited an incredible degree of courage that I respect to no extent.”

This appreciation for the sacrifice of his parents and how freedom led to their success drives and motivates Birman. He said that “the problem in America is that we’ve taken our freedoms for granted for much too long. Ronald Reagan was right that freedom is not ours by inheritance, we have to fight for it.”

What has been most disturbing to Birman is that the government has “grown far outside the bounds that the Constitution originally placed on it,” and that this outsized government now has the power to make “very intimate decisions that belong to Americans of all aspects of life from the cradle to the grave.”