Saturday, November 30, 2013

What is coming to America: Inflation

The question is not if.  It's WHEN.  And this is really the sticking point. What I want to do is bring together several articles on inflation in various countries.  Also, I want to bring some perspective to the present inflation we are experiencing now.

So, a lot of people will call all of this a scare tactic.  And, yes, that's exactly what they are.  Scare tactics can be hoaxes.  But they can be real.

Inflation in the USA. I lived through the inflation in the 70s and early 80s.  I know what it was like.  I know the symptoms of inflation.  I know what the steps are.

The first realization that nothing would ever be the same:

I was in my late teens.  I took a summer job working for an appliance store named Cayce TV and Appliance.  It was located on Knox Abbott drive at the top of the hill.  It was close to the old Putt-Putt. Across the street was a Dunkin Donuts that I loved to visit.  I dated the daughter of the owner of the store.

Anyway, I worked with Charlie Powell, who was the pick up and delivery guy.  He drove an old Ford pickup that was fitted with a rusted steel pipe frame so that we could tie ropes around the appliances and secure them when careening around corners.

Old Charlie also had a night job as drummer and lead singer for a smooth rock band called "The Gas Lights".  I even went to go watch him one time.  He was great!

It was always fun riding with Charlie.  He did have a great voice.  I enjoyed singing, too, so we would end up harmonizing some song.  Or I would start singing something and he would finish the song.

In-between deliveries I had the job of dusting and arranging things on the showroom floor.  I also helped on of the old electricians keep his work area sorted out.  I helped alphabetize all of his old vacuum tubes for the TVsets.

One of my jobs was restocking the drink vending machine.  It took the old returnable glass bottles.  The drink machine was one of the real old ones where you put the money in the slot and then opened a narrow vertical glass door and yanked out a cold "Co-Cola" as we called it back then.

So, the drinks were delivered to us in a short wooden crate that held maybe 24 bottles.   Each crate had a grating of wooden slats to segregate the drinks so that they wouldn't rub together and crack or tarnish the bottles.   I would take the bottles out of the crate, put them in to the machine.  Then take straggler bottles that were just left all over the store and put them back into the emptied crate for the drink-guy to pick up during his delivery rounds.

But one day, something was different.

The bottles wouldn't fit.

Or, rather, SOME of the bottles wouldn't fit.  Yet some did.  No matter what I tried, some of the bottles just would not fit.  What the heck!??

And then I saw it.  The new bottles of soft drinks were only 10 ounces.  The other bottles were an ever-so-slightly fatter 12 ounces.

I could not believe it.  The drinks were being sold for the same price....but you were getting 16% less drink.

O.B. shrub trimmer faces felony charge

Just an absolutely amazing story.  There is no sanity.
Adame’s neighbors are outraged at the prosecution. Glenn Goss, for example, called the case a waste of taxpayer money. He said Adame is being prosecuted for doing the kind of pruning city workers should be doing.

“It’s sickening; it makes me so upset,” Goss said. “This community means so much to us. Here’s somebody who’s going out of his way (to trim the trees). It’s not his job, it’s the city’s job. Then they do this ridiculous thing. It’s mind-boggling.”

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rube Goldberg Legal System Derails CA Bullet Train

Via Instapundit.  I had been following this, and frankly, none of it made any sense.  Now I know why!

Opponents of the plan won’t find much to cheer in the rulings; they’ll just extend deadlines, complicate the process and drive costs up even higher. One of the reasons America can’t build much these days is that our legal and regulatory systems have gradually morphed into insane Rube Goldberg contraptions. It takes years and even decades, not to mention millions and billions in legal costs and project delay costs, to get anything significant done.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The stories are pouring in.
My best friend is one of the early losers.

A single woman of modest means, she’s being socked with a 65.5 percent increase in premiums starting in January for a “bronze” plan that covers slightly less than her excellent 2013 plan, which will be outlawed by the ACA.

She is not alone. A Manhattan Institute analysis of the Covered California insurance exchange found rate hikes for individuals in low-cost plans range from 64 percent to 146 percent.

Rate Hikes Hidden in California’s Glowing Obamacare Reviews

How utterly, utterly disgusting and despicable.

During a meeting last week, officials at Covered California, the state’s much-touted health insurance marketplace, made a pretty stark admission: Half of the approximately 1 million consumers whose health plans are being canceled will pay more under the Affordable Care Act.


“It’s not a success story,” said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog, a group that supports a California ballot measure to regulate insurance rates. “It’s a success story only if you consider that the federal website didn’t work and ours did. It’s not a success story because people are in open revolt about how much they’re paying. The only people who are happy are people who have subsidized policies. The middle class is outraged.”

Is California the Great Obamacare Success Story?

As the song goes, "Accentuate the positive..." and ignore the negative.

From the Weekly Standard:

"What we have in California, then, is a proof of concept," writes Krugman. "Yes, Obamacare is workable — in fact, done right, it works just fine."

But in reality, the numbers are not impressive. Obamacare has canceled the existing insurance policies of 1.1 million Californians (something Krugman doesn't mention), and only 80,000 Californians had signed up for Obamacare by the middle of November (another thing Krugman doesn't mention). Is it really much of a surprise that 10,000 people are signing up for Obamacare each day if a million lost their plans and have nowhere else to turn?
Oh, it gets worse...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm in Germany this week and naturally our hotel has crappy internet.

Will try to post later...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Against All Odds, Conservatives Defeat Modesto Tax Measure

Wow!  There is hope!

By Election Day, Mayor Marsh and the public safety unions had raised and spent nearly $220,000 to pass Measure X. When polls closed, the early absentees reflected their strong early push with 52% of ballots in favor. When the poll vote came in though at 41% to 59% it was clear they were in trouble. In the end, the Measure failed 49% to 51%, a stunning result considering the David and Goliath proportions of the campaigns.

So, in an election that saw a tidal wave of taxes and bond measures passing across the state, the scrappy Stanislaus Taxpayers Association stands alone. True grit I guess.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A comeback for ‘Made in America,’ and Southern California factories have a piece of the action

As the dollar cheapens, this sort of stuff will take off like a rocket.
For 20 years, the vintage-inspired furniture brand was sold to design professionals on the east coast. But the crippling economy of the last several years forced the company to rethink it’s strategy. It continues doing business with the trade, but over the summer, Bradshaw Kirchofer launched a web store, making its solid wood furniture in a palette of 21 finishes available to the public for the first time.

And at the top of the website it proudly states “Made in USA.”

Why gasoline costs so much in California

Not only is it because of taxes and special formulations, other events are converging to make gasoline in CA way too expensive:

For example, Rocky Mountain refineries paid $96.63 per barrel of oil in August, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. During the same month, California refineries paid $108.05.With no oil pipelines connecting California to other states, refineries here often pay more for petroleum than do their counterparts elsewhere. The difference rises and falls over time.

Finally, several California refineries experienced technical problems this year that trimmed their production, said Gordon Schremp, senior analyst with the California Energy Commission. But the state's current gasoline inventories are normal for this time of year, he said.

So, can we expect any pipelines linking the source to CA refineries?  Not on your life.

I shudder to think about what will happen when the refineries have to start paying for carbon.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

California law protecting chickens could hamper farm bill negotiations

King is a hack.  Let CA SUFFER.

Here is what will happen: out of state egg producers will ultimately abandon the CA market.  The capital cost associated with complying with the law will be too much or will take too long.

So what is the future of CA egg farmers?  It doesn't look good.  Here is a pro-hen report that describes what happened in Europe:

While the shrinking egg market can be positive in terms of the number of hens who suffer, as noted earlier, those who went out of business altogether were small- or medium-scale farmers who could not afford the facility investment. Large companies made the transition, and this can be negative for animal welfare reform in the long term. As discussed above, mass egg production is associated with the fundamental problem of hen welfare because it is almost impossible to induce natural behaviors in hens if thousands of hens are put together. Considering the scale of the factory farming and the level of animal welfare, a much smaller scale farming system is needed to produce eggs humanely when society is ready for much better animal welfare by reducing its egg consumption dramatically. However, if the phenomenon of smaller farmer bankruptcy continues, there will be no farmers who can take a role to provide humane egg production by the time the society can function with smaller scale farmers and no longer needs industrialized farming. 
Fewer producers mean higher egg costs.  And that's not even accounting for the new rules that will raise the prices of eggs to pay for the new infrastructure.

And those that are outside CA?  What if they don't want to comply with CA's new laws?  Oh, that's easy.  They will expand more into egg exports into other countries such as Mexico and Canada.
For table eggs, exports in 2012 were 127.6 million dozen valued at $122.6 million, up 54 and 59%, respectively, both records, and driven by increased shipments to Mexico, Hong Kong, and the European Union.

The top five export markets for table eggs are Hong Kong, 46.7 million dozen, up 30%; Canada, 26.1 million dozen, up 19%; Mexico, 16.6 million dozen vs. 1.3 million dozen in 2011; the UAE, 13 million dozen, up 66%; and the EU, 8.9 million dozen vs. 0.78 million dozen in 2011.

For egg products, 2012 was also a record-setting year, as total export value rose by 20% to $141 million.
So, in the end we could find ourselves egg-poor since they will all be sent overseas....

California to Las Vegas 'party train' hits snag

Too bad.  But to me, it looks like the whole thing is dead.

Las Vegas Railway Express had planned to shuttle partiers from an Amtrak station in Fullerton, Calif., to the heart of Sin City in a club on wheels called the X Train.

A year-old agreement with Union Pacific allowed the company to use a rail line that's currently limited to freight trains and hasn't served a passenger line since Amtrak discontinued its Desert Wind service in 1997 due to low ridership.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Tuesday, Railway Express officials disclosed that the Union Pacific deal had fallen apart, and Union Pacific would be keeping the company's $600,000 deposit.

Trader Joe’s Recalls Prepackaged Salads in California and 7 Other States

I always love this.  Organic foods can carry e. coli???  You bet!

The recall applies to all salads labeled Mexicali Salad with Chili Lime Chicken manufactured from Oct. 1 through Nov. 15 and sold in Trader Joe’s stores across California and seven other states, including Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, according to the Trader Joe’s website.

In addition, Trader Joe’s has recalled its Field Fresh Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken in stores across Northern California and Northern Nevada (Reno and Carson City), according to the grocery chain’s website.

Armed Robbery Spikes in California Gun Control Paradise

What a surprise!

In Oakland, a lot of people who shouldn't have guns have them, and a lot of people who might defend themselves from those people now have a much harder time obtaining a gun. Armed robbery is up 24% over last year.

It has gotten so bad that citizens have taken it upon themselves to hire their own private police force.
I've talked about the private police force already.

Colorado delegation pitches California companies on expanding in state Read more: Colorado delegation pitches California companies on expanding in state

The giant CA sucking sound continues.

The delegation also held a breakfast for Silicon Valley venture capitalists, who are an important source of funding in the state.

"People are paying attention to the entrepreneurial community in Colorado," said Kristin Russell, the state's chief information officer and a former Oracle executive.

Colorado has landed its share of technology-company expansions over the decades — including such giants as IBM and Hewlett-Packard — and seen homegrown stars such as JD Edwards and StorageTek swallowed up by larger California rivals.

Russell said there is a growing realization that if California does well, then Colorado will do well, too. That is one reason why the "Colorado Loves California" campaign has shifted its tone from an implied message of escaping the Golden State to one of mutually beneficial cooperation.
As companies do better, they realize they can maximize their profits by expanding outside the state.

Court upholds California’s cap-and-trade system

What a perversion of State responsibility.

The ruling means that California maintains its authority to limit greenhouse gases from power plants, factories and other businesses.
And what happened to that money they collected from can and trade?

The state has already raised nearly $1.1 billion from the sale of tradable carbon allowances. That money is supposed to go toward climate and environmental programs, but Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has borrowed $500 million from the fund to help pay for unrelated programs. He says it will be repaid with interest.
Yep.  Cap and trade is just another revenue generator for the state to pilfer.

Another U.S. city mulls bankruptcy due to soaring wages and pensions

Three guesses where this city is located.  Times up.  It's Desert Springs, CA.

"It's obvious we can't continue with salaries and pensions that are in the stratosphere, no matter how much love there is for our police department," said Russell Betts, a council member.

Desert Hot Springs, which is near Palm Springs, filed for bankruptcy in 2001 after losing a multimillion dollar lawsuit and still servicing $9.7 million of bond debt issued to fund its exit from Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Sorry for the infrequent posts.  It's going to be this way for a while.  I have to refigure out my routine now that I wife works.

Monday, November 11, 2013

California ammunition sales limit overturned

Good!  Dismantle the stupid law!
Neither the law nor testimony by experts and gun dealers has provided "a common understanding or objective meaning of the term 'handgun ammunition,' " said Justice Gene Gomes in the majority opinion. The law's vague wording could lead to inconsistent and unpredictable enforcement, he said, and could make compliance difficult or impossible for mail-order and Internet ammunition sellers.
What?  No mention of this being unconstitutional??

Fixing California: Higher taxes don’t mean a better life

Good article but I wished he talked more about Tennessee.

But in spite of all the tax, fee and regulatory reasons for leaving California, I was deeply concerned that I would be stranded in an uneducated, lawless morass of tobacco-chewing Neanderthals driving old clunkers on dirt roads where churches were on every street corner and there wasn’t a hospital to be found.

To me the choice seemed to be between higher after-tax income versus a civilized society with a higher quality of life.

Little did I know.

Sacramento on FBI List of California’s Most Violent Cities

But at the top of the list is Oakland.

Oakland tops the list, with Stockton coming in second. Rounding out the top five are Richmond, Antioch and Modesto. Vallejo ranks just above Sacramento, with San Francisco right behind. The final two spots are occupied by Southern California cities Inglewood and Santa Maria at nine and ten, respectively.

Dan Walters: California’s high living costs create high poverty

And that's why they are leaving.

A good case in point is my sister-in-law and her husband.  They were barely able to get by even though both worked.  We kept telling them to GET OUT OF CA!

They finally did and their standard of living jumped sky-high.  They bought a house and a couple of cars.  Life was good.

This is, or should be, a matter of shame, especially for politicians who profess to represent society’s underdogs but who enact policies that raise their struggling constituents’ cost of living, or inhibit the creation of jobs that would lift poor Californians out of poverty.


Unfortunately, that has become its reality and while the state’s media and political elites may sneer at Texas and other states that lack our mild weather and scenic attributes, they should note that Texas’ poverty rate is just two-thirds of California’s and Iowa’s is just one-third.

You can’t eat an ocean view.

Conservative Groups Say They Have Enough Support To Repeal California Transgender Law

We'll see how this goes.  Knowing CA, the courts will rule the rescinding of the law unconstitutional since that would be...what?  racist?  discriminatory?  Who knows!

"Many people said we had no chance to collect over half a million signatures in just 90 days, but we have proven them wrong by gathering over 115,000 more signatures than the minimum needed," Gina Gleason of the group Faith and Public Policy, said in a statement.


Miley, enjoy your youth while you can. One day, much sooner than you think, you will be smoking that joint alone, your face dried and shriveled, boobs hanging down to your navel, crapping into your Depends and you sit...waiting for death.

And you will have you yourself and no one else as you relive this moment in your mind. Old and alone.

Miley, yours is not a full life. Yours is an empty life. But this is what you will be remembered for - if you're remembered at all. And once people remember, they will quickly forget and move on with their lives....and you will sit....waiting to die.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


This reminds me of the history of the lowly Stollen.   Stolen is sort of a poor man's fruit cake.  But what is so significant is what the makers of it went through to get it made:

In the 15th century, in medieval Saxony (in central Germany, north of Bavaria and south of Brandenburg), the Prince Elector Ernst (1441 - 1486) and his brother Duke Albrecht (1443–1500) decided to remedy this by writing to the Pope in Rome. The Saxon bakers needed to use butter, as oil in Saxony was expensive, hard to come by, and had to be made from turnips, although we now know this was a healthy option.

Pope Nicholas V (1397–1455), in 1450 denied the first appeal. Five popes died before finally, Pope Innocent VIII, (1432–1492)in 1490 sent a letter to the Prince, known as the "Butter-Letter" which granted the use of butter (without having to pay a fine) - but only for the Prince-Elector and his family and household.

Others were also permitted to use butter, but with the condition of having to pay annually 1/20th of a gold Gulden to support the building of the Freiberg Minster. The ban on butter was removed when Saxony became Protestant.
So here we are, facing bans on the use of butter FIVE HUNDRED YEARS LATER by the new religious left.  Not only butter but also other ingredients.

I'm sorry, but this has gotten out of hand.

According to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist from Harvard University, the scientific consensus is that excessive sodium consumption by Americans is hazardous to your health. He suspects “sodium is next” to be looked at by the FDA.

Continuing down the slippery slope in light of Thursday’s FDA ruling, Tom Neltner, an analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C., asserts that the FDA will scrutinize sugar as well.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


We are witnessing the degradation of college education and it started in CA.

The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal immigrant” from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.

In an unanimous vote, student senators passed a resolution that stated the word “illegal” is “racially charged,” “dehumanizes” people, and contributes to “punitive and discriminatory actions aimed primarily at immigrants and communities of color.”

The “resolution in support of drop the I-word campaign” was approved 18 to 0 with one abstention on Oct. 30, according to a copy of the meeting’s minutes obtained by The College Fix.

Its approval marks at least the second time this semester that a public university’s student government has voted to eradicate the phrase. UCLA passed a nearly identical measure in late August.
So, it is NOT offensive, unfair, derogatory or racist  to LEGAL immigrants and LEGAL citizens?  I find their move HIGHLY offensive , derogatory, unfair and racist against me.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

U-Haul Index for November

Almost forgot!!

OK.  Here we go.

Here is the link for the U-Haul Index for October.

So, looking at November,

San Francisco ==> San Antonio   $1395
Fresno ==> San Antonio $1728

San Antonio ==> San Francisco $821
San Antonio ==> Fresno  $691

My numbers are based on a small two bedroom apartment.  This is their next cheapest option.  But so far, the numbers have stabilized. Christmas is coming, so moving around is going to slow to a trickle, I would think.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fukushima Debris "Island" The Size Of Texas Near US West Coast

Sorry, guys.  I'm having to taxi my daughter to school 3 times a week.  So, until stuff changes, I will be posting light.

I've covered the debris that's supposed to hit the west coast.  Apparently, it's making its way.
Obviously, the NOAA in releasing such a stunner could well be hammered by the administration for "inciting panic" which is why it caveated its disclosure carefully: Many variables affect where the debris will go and when. Items will sink, disperse, and break up along the way, and winds and ocean currents constantly change, making it very difficult to predict an exact date and location for the debris’ arrival on our shores.
The model gives NOAA an understanding of where debris from the tsunami may be located today, because it incorporates how winds and ocean currents since the event may have moved items through the Pacific Ocean. This model is a snapshot of where debris may be now, but it does not predict when debris will reach U.S. shores in the future. It's a "hindcast," rather than a "forecast." The model also takes into account the fact that winds can move different types of debris at different speeds. For example, wind may push an upright boat (large portion above water) faster than a piece of lumber (floating mostly at and below the surface).

Still despite this "indemnity" the NOAA does come stunningly close with an estimate of both the location and size of the debris field. One look at the map below shows clearly why, while the Fed may have the economy and markets grasped firmly in its central-planning fist, when it comes to the environment it may be time to panic... 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Conservationists Push Back Against Desalination in California

Wow.  We have become so blind by our greatness.  This sentence really gets me:
California is in the process of building a series of massive ocean desalination plants on a scale not seen before in the United States.
The desalination plant will produce 50 million gallons of drinking water.  A "scale not seen before in the United States".  They say this like since the USA has never built anything this big it must be REALLY BIG.

But let's look at other countries.  Especially Saudi Arabia which has been doing desalination for decades.  This article mentions that presently, Saudi Arabia uses desalination to produce what calculates out to 1.1 TRILLION GALLONS per day.

The desalination we plan on doing here in the USA is PEANUTS.

Here's the video about the Carlsbad, CA desalination plant:

Thieves steal $400,000 worth of California walnuts

This is about the fourth story I've run across about this going on.  I reported on the theft of walnuts earlier.
In one of the biggest heists to hit the booming industry, bandits made off with 140,000 pounds of walnuts worth $400,000 Sunday in Escalon, a city just north of Modesto.

“It was just brazen,” said Bruce Blodgett, executive director of the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation. “They took a massive amount -- several truck loads. We need to find these folks.”

The nuts were taken from GoldenRiver Orchards, a grower and processor established in 1912. The company declined to comment.

Monday, November 4, 2013

California parents angry about school hands-on-knees policy

What an incredibly stupid idea.

The 'freeze position' has already been discontinued at one school in the Folsom Cordova District.

Parents said they are now fighting for what's right for their kids.

"My daughter is bent over and assumed this position. She could be like that for 10 minutes, until you get kids to bend over and freeze," said one parent during an interview with KXTV.

School officials, said it's supposed to calm kids down, make the walk back to class more orderly and prevent injuries.
So...walking back to class after recess is fraught with perils? Who are they kidding?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor

In the Leftist's zeal to "help the poor" they have sentenced this woman to death.  I hope they are happy.
So if I go with a health-exchange plan, I must choose between Stanford and UCSD. Stanford has kept me alive—but UCSD has provided emergency and local treatment support during wretched periods of this disease, and it is where my primary-care doctors are.

Before the Affordable Care Act, health-insurance policies could not be sold across state lines; now policies sold on the Affordable Care Act exchanges may not be offered across county lines.

What happened to the president's promise, "You can keep your health plan"? Or to the promise that "You can keep your doctor"? Thanks to the law, I have been forced to give up a world-class health plan. The exchange would force me to give up a world-class physician.
I hope God has a special place in Hell for Leftist Ideology.  A place where the ideology will burn forever where everyone can gaze and watch it scream and writhe in the eternal pain it deserves. People will gaze horrified saying "did people really believe in that?"

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Energy Dept. Seeks Company to Turn Sunshine Into Gasoline

I'm not sure why we would want to take food - that being the carbon dioxide - away from the plants.  But, ok.  Let's go with it.

Researchers have been working on this idea for some time, according to a 2007 press release from the Sandia lab. At that time, one of the researchers speculated that although a prototype of a device to carry out the chemical process was already under development, it was "a good 15 to 20 years away from being on the market."

You can follow the link to the 2007 press release here.

Using concentrated solar energy to reverse combustion, a research team from Sandia National Laboratories is building a prototype device intended to chemically “reenergize” carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide using concentrated solar power. The carbon monoxide could then be used to make hydrogen or serve as a building block to synthesize a liquid combustible fuel, such as methanol or even gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.


“Our overall objective with this prototype is to demonstrate the practicality of the CR5 concept and to determine how test results from small-scale testing can be expanded to work in real devices,” Miller says. “The design is conservative compared to what might eventually be developed.”

Diver says the prototype should be completed by early next year. He hand-built the precision device in a shop at Sandia’s National Solar Thermal Test Facility and is now waiting on a few parts to finalize it. Initial tests will break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. That will be followed by tests that similarly break down carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and oxygen.
The idea is interesting, and looking on the web it looks like others have come up with the idea (follow this link)....but.  And there are two buts.

The first kicker is the conversion of water to hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is for the most part, thrown away and the hydrogen is used with a Fischer-Tropsch reactor to convert the hydrogen and carbon monoxide to usable fuel.

At the present, there is no cheap or efficient way to convert the water to oxygen and hydrogen.  The near term solution - which is not a GREAT solution but relies on conventional technology - is to perform what is called a Shift Reaction.

You take some of your CO (carbon monoxide) combine it with water and  create hydrogen...and CO2 - carbon dioxide.  In essence, you put all that effort in converting the CO2 to CO, only to have to take half of your CO to convert it BACK to CO2 in order to get the amount of hydrogen you need to make the fuel.  That's the second but.

Just like for conventional refineries, the technology bumps into the scarcity of hydrogen.

Friday, November 1, 2013

California resident: ‘I was all for Obamacare’ until I got the bill

I would love to hear from others in CA that have experienced the sticker shock.
As Pam Kehaly, the president of Anthem Blue Cross in California, reported, she received a letter from one woman who saw her insurance rates rise by 50 percent due to Obamacare.

“She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,’ ” Ms. Kehaly said, in the Los Angeles Times.


Jennifer Harris, Fullerton resident, said she was shocked to receive a letter from her Health Net Inc. insurer that her plan — which costs $98 a month — was being dropped. The cheapest plan she said in the Los Angeles Times that she found is $238 a month.

“It doesn’t seem right to make the middle class pay so much more in order to give health insurance to everybody else,” she said, in the report. “This increase is simply not affordable.”

Climate change pact signed by California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia

Climate Change Pact?  This is more like a suicide pact!  What utter incompetence and stupidity.  I am amazed at the complete idiocy of the people of these states/provinces.
Each state and the Canadian province promised to take roughly a dozen actions, including streamlining permits for solar and wind projects, better integrating the electric power grid, supporting more research on ocean acidification and expanding government purchases of electric vehicles.

"You are witnessing a historic small-but-powerful first step," California Gov. Jerry Brown said during the event, held at Cisco's San Francisco campus.
So, streamlining permits for wind probably means they will continue to ignore the endangered birds that are getting their heads chopped off from the turbine blades.