Sunday, October 2, 2016

Clean Water Act: Report details how agencies expand authority

This is despicable.  What goes through the mind of people to think that tire ruts filled with water can in any sane line of thinking be considered a wetland?
The chairman of the Senate committee, James Inhofe, R-Okla., said the EPA and Corps have been "eroding traditional exemptions" contained in the Clean Water Act for normal farming activities. Several specific examples in the report occurred in California: A Northern California landowner, John Duarte, has been cited by the Corps for plowing his land. In that case, the agency described the tops of furrows as "uplands"; therefore, plowing is not exempt because it converts wetlands to uplands. (See related story below.)

Another California landowner received an investigation letter from the Corps, informing him that disking performed on the land might have resulted in an unauthorized discharge into waters of the U.S. The landowner had been disking the land for 15 years to benefit grazing conditions for cattle. According to the report, the landowner ultimately decided to sell his property and discontinue farming in response to the Corps action.

In a third California case, the Corps told a landowner last year that changing the use of a field from growing alfalfa to orchards would constitute a land-use change, allowing regulators to pursue an enforcement action if they thought plowing the field to plant trees involved a discharge to wetlands.

"The Corps regulator informed the landowner that despite an extensive farming history, orchards were never planted on the ranch so they are not the same kind of farming and might not be considered a normal farming activity," the report said.

The report also cited cases—including from California—where regulators have sought to classify tire ruts or puddles in gravel parking lots as wetlands.
The Federal Government has crossed the Rubicon into complete insanity.  This is Fascism.  Plain and simple. We are now Nazi Germany.