Monday, March 31, 2014

America’s Fastest Growing Cities

NONE of them are in CA.  Three are in ...TX.
With the second-lowest unemployment rate in the nation of just 3.1% at the end of last year, [number two] Midland’s population may not be growing fast enough for the needs of many employers. Even so, between 2010 and 2013, the population grew by 10.7%, most of which came from domestic migration. Midland is also at the center of an oil boom, which has attracted so many new residents that the area has had to deal with housing shortages. The population influx has also put a strain on public institutions such as schools, and likely caused, among other things, a spike in home prices. Over the last five years, home prices rose by 26.2%, the second-largest home price increase in the nation.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sage Grouse Rebellion

Tell the Federal Government to take a hike.
Almost half the land west of the Mississippi belongs to the federal government, including 48% of California, 62% of Idaho and 81% of Nevada. No surprise that the Obama Administration wants to control more. But the result could be to suppress the country's booming oil and gas development.

In partnership with green activists, the Department of Interior may attempt one of the largest federal land grabs in modern times, using a familiar vehicle—the Endangered Species Act (ESA). A record 757 new species could be added to the protected list by 2018. The two species with the greatest impact on private development are range birds—the greater sage grouse and the lesser prairie chicken, both about the size of a barnyard chicken. The economic stakes are high because of the birds' vast habitat.
I think the answer is to quickly wipe out the endangered species.  That way, the Extremists will have nothing to use to stop HUMANITY from moving forward.

We need the Federal Government to get out of the land business.  They are lousy caretakers of the vast swaths of land.
It was probably inevitable that the Obama Administration's alliance with greens would come into direct conflict with the economic boon the West is enjoying from shale gas and oil development. The Interior Department may say the ESA requires protection for the sage grouse and prairie chicken, but the damage to human beings would be enormous.
We are experiencing the worst economy since the Great Depression, yet our president has proven he is not up to the job of securing freedom and liberty for Americans and job creation.  I can't tell whether it's because he is diabolically evil and doesn't want Americans to have jobs or he is just too stupid.

Hundreds of Jobs Lost as Store Chain Closes Due to ObamaCare and Minimum Wage Hike

It doesn't take a genius to understand the Obamacare affect on small businesses operating on a razor thin profit margin.  Thanks, O'bama!!
Citing Obamacare and an increase in the state’s minimum wage, the owner of Waterford-based Yankee One Dollar is closing down shop on all 23 remaining locations.

Its owner Keith Flike blamed the Affordable Care Act and the increase in the state’s minimum wage for the decision to shut down. Each store has six to 10 employees, he told the Post Star.


I thought I would put bot videos side by side so you could see what Capitalism and Free Market can do for a society.

This one is from Estonia during the reign of the Soviet Union.

And here is Russia today:

What was life like for average people in a dissolving Soviet Union?

What happens during the slow death of a nation?
I remember that the society was split in two. There was a small fraction of people driving expensive cars, and the rest of us standing in lines to pack ourselves into a bus. The crime, such as racketeering and robberies on the street, was almost uncontrolled. You couldn't walk home on a dark street without looking behind you. When the war in Chechnya broke out, things got even worse. The government could no longer control anything, so people had to organize citizens' patrols around their apartment buildings to make sure that nobody that they don't know walked into their building or planted any explosives in it, etc. The Russian currency wasn't worth much at that time either. I don't remember what the inflation rate was like, but I remember that we used US $ or traded stuff (I'll give you two bottles of vodka if your lend me your horse for two hours) instead of Russian rubles. I think the older generation was genuinely surprised at how quickly things changed and at what happened, and the younger generation with kids did everything they could to ensure their children were okay.
The realization that Socialism isn't working. Loss of control.  Letting people grow their own food since a Command Economy doesn't work.

Poverty, prostitutes and the long, slow death of the Soviet Union: Haunting pictures show desperate struggle to survive in last days of USSR

Stark photos of life at the end of the USSR.  Very sad.  But it shows what happens when Ideology trumps the welfare of the people.

These shocking pictures may look like something out of the Great Depression - but in fact they show life in the last years of the Soviet Union, less than three decades ago.

Shop shelves were often bare, it was normal to have to join a long queue if you wanted to buy groceries and many of the people looked ground down after a century of desperate poverty.

The dismal state of the USSR's economy, during a time of rapidly improving living standards in the West, was a result of its dogmatic Communist political system, which stifled free enterprise and stopped the country moving on from its feudal past. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Venezuela: 'After being promised paradise we are living in a nightmare.'

Greed.  Corruption.  Leftist Ideology.  Hand-in-hand.
A number of people have been murdered, some of them right in front of cameras, and the government is censoring the news-- even to the point of removing the Internet access from a whole region of the country, in order to prevent the ability of people there to organize using social media. In addition to confirmation from Twitter that it was blocked in Venezuela, additional confirmation of internet censorship comes from the services Hotspot Shield and TunnelBear, who have made their apps available for free to the people living in Venezuela.

No matter one’s political opinion and thoughts about the Venezuelan government, it has committed and is now committing terrible crimes against its citizens. While all this violence was going on, President Nicolás Maduro was congratulating the colectivos, and calling for peace, while some of his governors were calling for a “fulminant counterattack” using Twitter, on a demonstration where a young woman died, shot possibly by the colectivos, and the president himself ordered a pro-government demonstration in the same place where an opposition demonstration was already scheduled.
We are watching our future if more Leftists are elected president.


Have-Nots even after the resounding success of Communism there?  No way!!

Simultaneously, much more than flour and milk is lacking from shelves. In November, the military occupied a chain of electronics shops called Daka, similar to Best Buy, and forced them to charge “fair” prices that the government deemed appropriate. This approach eventually extended to other products; many shops simply pulled down their shutters rather than sell at a loss, while others remained open but with hardly any inventory. Exacerbating the situation, President Maduro, in January, decreed the Fair Price Law, which set the maximum profit margin for “each actor”—including manufacturers and retailers—at thirty per cent. Retailers say that they struggle to get hold of dollars at the official rate through the government’s byzantine mechanisms and must turn to the black market, which means charging prices the government deems unfair. The government has introduced various exchange policies to try to address the shortage of dollars, but none have managed to meet demand, as manifested in the country’s soaring black-market exchange rate.

People are hit hardest by shortages in San Cristóbal, because of its proximity to the border. Colombians come to the city to buy up price-controlled products with their hard currency, then smuggle them out and then re-sell them back home. This is especially true of gas. Venezuela’s gas prices are the lowest in the world—around six cents a gallon. On the Colombian side of the border, pimpineros, as gas smugglers are known, line the streets for miles with jerricans, often shaded by wooden shacks, to resell the gas at higher rates.

Gallup: Young Americans trending more Democratic

We are raising a nation of idiots.  Racial diversity?  You look at what the Democrats are doing and you think it's a good thing?  Sheer idiocy.  All this means is that the spiraling down will not only continue, but will accelerate.
The takeaway here is the young white vote which not only has been trending Democratic but is falling as a percentage of the total youth vote. Considering that Democratic narrative over the last 5 years - amplified by the press - that Republicans are a bunch of tired, racist, old white men, it shouldn't be surprising that there has been a shift in party ID. It just isn't "hip" to be Republican and until that perception can be changed, GOP hopes will continue to rest on the proposition that young voters will stay home on election day. 


What surplus?

On January 31 last year, the state’s General Fund had a deficit of $15.7 billion. The higher tax rates brought in new money. This, along with internal and external borrowing, made it look as if the deficit had gone with the wind, but it hadn’t. Brown called it a surplus, amid much cheering by the spendthrift legislature.

Fast forward to the end of January this year. The deficit had been whittled down to $12.6 billion. Some surplus!

Average gasoline price in California hits nearly $4 a gallon

Of course, the poor feel this more than others.

A gallon of regular gasoline Thursday cost an average of $3.99 in the Golden State, the highest since September 2013, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge report. In Los Angeles, gas stations are charging an average of $4.06 a gallon.

Prices typically start creeping north in spring as refineries begin producing a more expensive blend of summer gasoline, which takes longer to make and requires pricier additives as a pollution-fighting measure. As refineries look to offload their winter fuels, the supply of gas around the country is squeezed temporarily.

The switch often hits Californians earlier than residents in other parts of the country because of the state's strict standards for cleaner-burning fuel.

California couple upset after receiving pre-marked voter registration card

And the Democratic corruption continues!
A California couple called ABC 10News/San Diego concerned after they received an envelope from the state's Obamacare website, Covered California. Inside was a letter discussing voter registration and a registration card pre-marked with an "x" in the box next to Democratic Party.

The couple – who did not want their identity revealed – received the letter and voter registration card from their health care provider Covered California, the state-run agency that implements President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Covered California made a liar out of me

Well, not ME.  The author of the article:
I have reviewed the situation with my insurance agent and with an attorney, and was told that it is not prudent to ignore these events: Applications are signed under penalty of perjury, and the onus remains on the applicant to ensure that all information transmitted to insurance companies and other governmental agencies is accurate.

Is this chain of events related to the glitch that took down the Covered California website for several days last month? Is it representative of a larger problem? Is there a chance the erroneous information will be shared? How did these errors get into my profile, anyway?

I'm fresh out of ideas on how to resolve this mess. All I know is that consumers are put in peril every time Covered California allows incorrect data to remain in its system. I see a lot that needs to be fixed here. The time to start addressing it is now.

California suspends 3 Democrats, including 1 who allegedly took bribes for guns

Well, CA, you got what you asked for!  And you think they caught all the crooked Dems?  Don't bet on it!

Friday's 28-1 vote in the 40-member chamber came amid one of the most severe ethical crises in modern times for the Legislature in the nation's most populous state.

The resolution prevents Democratic Sens. Ron Calderon, Leland Yee and Rod Wright from exercising any power of their office until the pending criminal cases against them have been resolved. Even so, they will continue receiving their $95,291 annual salaries.
Gunn running, bribery.  What's next?

California to open facilities for illegal immigrants’ driver’s licenses

This is all part of what I call "The Philosophy of Innocent Death".  This is where Leftist ideology exalts the guilty at the expense of the innocent.  The issues of abortion and capital punishment  are two examples of this where those who are liberals generally embrace abortion yet are against capital punishment of those who commit heinous crimes.  So, the innocent children are slaughtered for no other reason other than the fact they exist and the guilty are allowed to live - have RIGHT to live and not be killed for their actions.

This is all because Leftist Ideology is not well thought out if not part and parcel with insanity.

Thus we come to this.  Where those who are guilty - illegal immigrants - are given Special Status by giving them their own drivers license office.

To accommodate that expected influx of new drivers, the state’s DMV is setting up five facilities throughout California. The facilities will be opened in the areas of San Jose, the South Central Coast, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, DMV spokewoman Jessica Gonzalez told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“This is the stepping-stone to state level amnesty,” Jon Feere, legal policy analyst at the Center of Immigration Studies, told TheDCNF.
In the meantime, American citizens are finding themselves criminals in everyday living.
In New York, 12-year old Alexa Gonzalez was arrested for doling on her school desk. She did not write any profanities, simply "I love my friends Abbey and Faith. Lex was here 2/1/10" For this Alexa was handcuffed and arrested.
And the teacher and principal thought calling police and having her arrested was a great idea?  By the way, her doodling was with an erasable marker.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

BOOM! Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested for Trafficking Guns


Crooked elected official trying to keep weapons of protection out of our hands and yet glad to give weapons to CRIMINALS.
Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment against state Sen. Leland Yee in court Wednesday, accusing him of conspiring to commit wire fraud and traffic firearms.

In all, 26 people, including former school board president Keith Jackson, were indicted on charges related to an extensive crime ring headed by well-known Chinatown figure Raymond Chow, who was also arrested and charged Wednesday.

The indictment alleges Yee and Jackson defrauded “citizens of honest services” and were involved in a scheme to traffic firearms in exchange for thousands in campaign donations to the senator.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Local LA City Attorney To Drop Appeal Of Ban On Seizure Of Skid Row Property

This woman has more brains than all the City Council members and the mayor combined:

Plaintiff’s attorney Carol Sobel, who represented residents on Skid Row, said it wasn’t immediately clear what future steps the city is considering taking against a growing number of encampments popping up in the area.

“People have nowhere to go,” said Sobel. “If you don’t deal with stopping people from becoming homeless in the first place, this is what occurs.
But Leftists really don't care about people.  They never did.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Roger Hedgecock: The enviro zealots

Roger Hedgecock on a tear.
Zealot opposition delayed the construction of the solar plants and the availability of the electricity generated by them.

Zealots also objected to the natural-gas power plant proposals because of CO2 emissions from the plants. This from the same people who had just shut down San Onofre, which emitted zero CO2.

Apparently, the zealots just don’t want the rest of us to have electricity, period.

Where’s the balance? Where’s the common sense?
That's the end game.  Get rid of the people.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

'This Is Going to Ruin My Entire Life': 18-Year-Old Aspiring Firefighter Charged With Felony for Pocket Knife

The response says it all:
You’d think that Wiser has already endured enough. But there’s no sign that the state will drop the charges—quite the contrary, in fact. “We charge [people] with everything that we feel they are guilty of, and in this case, he is guilty of a felony,” said Ashtabula County assistant prosecutor Harold Specht in an unapologetic statement. He added, “I know that there’s a load of people out here that just think we’re the devil because we’re allegedly ruining this young kid’s life, and that’s not the case at all.”
The effing prosecutor has his head up his lawyered ass and doesn't even understand what he sounds like when he says the words he says.

The kid is an EMT and still in highschool for crying out loud.  He's probably the most responsible kid at the school he attends. And the city throws this guy in jail?  Are you kidding me?

And now, what was once an upstanding student has his life RUINED by these sluts.

I'm sorry, but if this is what the rest of the hick town lawyer-types are like,  we are in real trouble.

How the Other California Lives

WSJ article on insanity of CA and how it's frustrating the farmers.

The congressman rolls out a large map of California's sprawling irrigation system showing its rivers, canals, dams and lakes. The ultimate aim of the environmentalists, Mr. Watte says, is to wipe out 1.3 million acres of farmland and return the valley basin to its once-swampy state.

West-side growers have already taken tens of thousands of acres out of production. This year they plan to leave fallow half a million more acres, a drastic move spurred by a depletion of aquifers and suspension of state water deliveries. Harris Farms alone is taking 9,000 acres that would have grown melons, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce out of production. One result of farmers scaling back is that 72 million heads of lettuce won't be produced in California and likely will be imported instead from Mexico.
Leftist are calling the party off.

Looks to me that Statists and Leftists are determined to starve Americans.  I just want to know when we tell them to go to hell.

Friday, March 21, 2014

States With the Highest Gas Prices

Highest is HI.  Next highest is CA.
In a number of states, the price of gas is now more than $3.75 per gallon, versus $3.52 nationwide, with gas prices in several other states not far behind. In Hawaii, the price of gas is $4.17 per gallon. Here, as in a number of states, the high price of gas reflects the difficulties involved in transporting oil and refined products to the state. Based on data from AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, these are the 10 states with the highest average gasoline prices.
Difficulty importing oil into CA. That's a truth.  CA might as well be an island in the middle of the Pacific.

Nine Cities Where Wealth Is Soaring

No CA cities listed.  Three are in TX.
The economic recovery is not uniform across the country, as some cities have weathered the financial crisis better than others. Median incomes increased by more than 15% in nine U.S. cities between the three-year periods of 2007 to 2009 and 2010 to 2012, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. A typical New Bern, N.C., resident earned 25.3% more between 2010 and 2012 compared with the prior three-year period of between 2007 and 2009.
The cities on the list are:

9. Big Spring, TX
8. Manhattan, KS
7. Stillwater, OK
6. Bentonville, AR
5. Del Rio, TX
4. Bridgeton, NJ
3. West Lafayette, IA
2. Nacogdoches, TX
1. New Bern, NC

Target U.S.A.: Greens Wage War on American Natural Gas

From Townhall:

Michael Brune, the Sierra Club’s radical executive director, claimed that “this letter is not in response to what’s happening in Crimea. But clearly it’s a big part of the conversation. The idea that U.S. gas exports could address the human-rights abuses that we’re seeing in Crimea reflects a lack of comprehension and lack of vision.”

Unlike Brune, Putin realizes that energy is a powerful tool. In 2012, just over a third of Europe’s natural-gas imports derived from Russia (most of that travels through Ukraine). The Kremlin-run Gazprom alone accounts for one-fourth of all natural gas used in the European Union. Ukraine itself gets 70 percent of its gas from Russia, and other Eastern Europeans are even more reliant.

In 2009, 2008, and 2006, Putin turned off the taps, cutting natural gas that flows through Ukrainian pipelines and causing major energy disruptions there and beyond. And last fall, as Moldova drew closer to Europe, Russia’s deputy prime minister threatened, “Energy supplies are important in the run-up to winter. I hope you won’t freeze.”

I was in Germany in 2006 when the natural gas spigot was turned off.  I didn't feel any affects, so I don't know how we kept the heat on in our apartment.  But it was a BIG DEAL.

But let's not just think in terms of Europe.  Let's look at the Far East.  Like China.  China is coal rich and natural gas poor.  If we wanted to clean up OUR AIR, it would be in our best interest to sell them some of our natural gas.  The massive amounts of mercury that is coming over from there would at the very least not get worse and might even decrease.

But of course, the real solution is to STOP EXPORTING OUR MANUFACTURING to China, but in the absence of that, we would be doing ourselves a great service by bringing back our dollars by selling them our natural gas.

Leftists are so short-sighted it just boggles the mind.  What sad specimens for human beings they are.

Seattle minimum wage: Do it my way, says Sawant

This shows how far the USA has sunk. One, that a devout, open Socialist is elected to office and two, that her idiotic hairbrained ideas are even considered.
Sawant laid down her agenda Wednesday in a very ideological statement, which accused “big business” of hiding behind concerns expressed by small business owners. She also sought to prescribe a position Murray must take.

“The mayor has expressed concerns about ‘very small businesses.’ If the concern is about small businesses, then I would assume Mayor Murray agrees with me that big business can pay $15 now,” said Sawant.
What a stupid, stupid woman.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why You Should Care About The Plan To Break Up California

The author makes this statement:
California is the most populous state in the US, a fact some believe makes it ungovernable. The Six Californias Initiative would seek to make things more manageable by dividing the state into six parts. But what effect might this division have? How would each new state compare, demographically, to the other now-55 states? How might these new geopolitical entities vote?
CA has a population of 38 million.  TX 's population is 26 million.  So, what's the cutoff? To be honest, it's not a function of population.  It's a function of the populace.

I don't think I want an additional 10 senators from the remnants of CA.  The country would forever tilt to the Left. Forevermore.

What a disgusting thought.  I say gerrymander it to dilute the coastal powers.

Did 'fracking' play role in L.A. earthquake? Councilmen want to know

Fear.  Fear.  FEAR.  That is what drives CA.  What utterly stupid, ignorance driven by Fear.

I picked this up from Gateway Pundit.

Three Los Angeles City Council members want city, state and federal groups to look into whether hydraulic fracturing and other forms of oil and gas “well stimulation” played any role in the earthquake that rattled the city early Monday morning.

The motion, presented Tuesday by Councilmen Paul Koretz and Mike Bonin and seconded by Councilman Bernard Parks, asks for city departments to team up with the California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources, the U.S. Geological Survey and the South Coast Air Quality Management District to report back on the likelihood that such activities contributed to the 4.4-magnitude quake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rush for gun permits following overturn of California firearms law

The flood gates are open.  Now, finally, you'll start to see a reduction in crime.
Adam Winkler, a UCLA professor and renowned expert on gun laws, told Maura Dolan and Tony Perry of the Los Angeles Times that the February decision was “a huge victory for gun owners in California.”

“They have been seeking the right to carry concealed weapons for years now,” he said, adding that from a regulatory perspective, California's 2012 ban on open carrying was a mistake. “Gun control advocates have no one but themselves to blame for this ruling. You have to give someone some option to carry a gun.”

Since that decision, a number of county officials have come forward to report that the number of applications has surged. While not all of them disclosed official numbers, the Orange County Sheriff's Department told AP that it has received over 1,000 applications since the ruling – twice the amount that it typically receives annually.

California city votes for $12.30 minimum wage

Another indication that Leftist don't give a shit about the poor.

The Contra Costa Times reports ( that most of the 30 or so residents who spoke at the Richmond council meeting were in favor of raising the minimum wage.

But at least one business owner said it would make it difficult for him to add jobs.
That means that the ones he has will never leave their job.  Those that want to enter the workforce will now be blocked from ever getting a job.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Six reasons why the entire state of California is in danger of becoming the next Detroit

And the Leftists will step back to take in all that they have done.  They will smile and nod saying "now THIS is paradise!"

From The Blaze:

Blaze Books sat down for an in-depth interview in TheBlaze’s New York newsroom this past Tuesday with former Reagan appointee and California-based lawyer and political communications company executive Jim Lacy, author of “Taxifornia,” to discuss the major challenges facing California that threaten to turn the state into one big version of Detroit.


“California continues to uphold regulations that define the smell of baking bread as a pollutant. And a bakery was actually fined millions of dollars in the last few months in Lodi, California for not having proper cleansers on it’s emission of the smell of baking bread.

Many of the regulations don’t have appropriate cost-benefit analyses attached to them. So you’ll go to the extremes and have people who’ll say and will actually get to the elected officials with ideas like banning fireplaces in residential homes. Actually banning them. Trying to close down fireplaces in homes that exist. And then having discussion about “Well, we can’t do that so for new residential developments you actually can’t have a fireplace.” In Santa Barbara you can’t burn wood in fireplaces. What you can do according to local regulation is you can have a light switch put up a weak flame. California can be whacky and many of the environmental laws that we have are not really based on a rational cost-benefit analysis, and because right-thinking people have been so out of power for so long, it’s just gotten worse and worse and worse.”

Ted Cruz Posters Spawn More Pop Art

I didn't post the latest in the anti-O'bama pro-Republican art that had been appearing around LA.  So, I'll cover it now, since it's sort of becoming a cool thing.

In this earlier article:

Cruz has been assailed by the left for being a big bully from the very beginning so much so that Jon Gabriel of Ricochet imagined what ‘bad boy’ Cruz might have been doing to deserve the critique:

Cruz bumped Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) in the hallway, pointed and said “what’s that on your tie?” When Udall looked down Cruz flipped up his hand, batting him in the face. As Udall arrived at the Senate cafeteria, he noticed his lunch money was gone.

Ted Cruz regularly sits on the hood of his Camaro in the Senate parking lot, with a toothpick in his mouth, waiting for the Senate Women’s Caucus to let out.

When Sen. John McCain asked Cruz what he was filibustering against, Cruz replied “whaddya got?”

Suspect fitting Cruz’s description drove slowly by the White House, clinking three empty beer bottles stuck to his fingers and taunting, “Obaaaamaaa! Come out to play-ee-yay!”

Spends all Republican caucus meetings slowly rocking his back-row chair, chewing gum and cracking wise.

Anonymous complaint filed with the Senate Ethics Committee alleged a certain Texas senator “only refers to Hawaii Sen. Schatz by the present-tense version of his name.”

The latest, the idea is spreading since the sincerest form of flattery is imitation:

Apparently Sabo’s art has inspired others to pay their own form of tribute to the GOP’s bad boy. This work of art popped up on YouTube just this morning and features Cruz photoshopped onto some of the most iconic pictures of decades past. Could this be the beginning of one of the most effective (or infective, as it were) political campaigns in recent years? 
Enjoy “Cruz Against the Machine” from GhostArmyDispatches.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dan Walters: California’s uneven recovery shrinks middle class even more

Making the poor poorer.  The rich?  As long as they keep finding the insanity of Leftists, this will continue.  And the middle?

Gone. Or leaving.

But what about the middle class? What about aerospace craftsmen, automobile assemblers, petrochemical plant operators, movie industry technicians and myriad other well-paying occupations that accompanied California’s rise as a major economic power in the 20th century?

Those jobs have vanished by the millions and continue to disappear, leaving behind a state marked by high poverty rates and pockets of sybaritic excess.

Affirmative action drama in California

Leftists are only interested in dragging down the entire system and making idiots of everyone.
Asian-Americans in California are in revolt against an attempt to reinstate affirmative action through a new statewide referendum. Democrats in the California state legislature have been attempting to put such a referendum to voters, reionstating racial preferences which had been banned from all state institutions including the University of California and California State University Systems, ever since the passage of Proposition 209 in 1996.

ATF raids gun store despite restraining order protecting customer list

We have turned into a third world country.  This is lawlessness plain and simple.

When ATF agents began nosing around Ares Armor and started asking questions, the store obtained a temporary restraining order prohibiting the agency from seizing its product line and customer list. A hearing was scheduled for March 20 to litigate the issue.

However, on Saturday, ATF agents raided Ares pursuant to an ex parte order — an order obtained without notice to the other party, in this case Ares — and did just what Ares feared, according to the amateur video below.

What state is this? Oh yeah. CA.

Update here: 

On March 14th Federal Judge Janis L. Sammartino “modified” her TRO to allow the BATFE to conduct the raid pursuant to a warrant at the request of the ATF effectively nullifying her earlier TRO against the ATF in the case of Lycurgan Inc. v. Jones aka Ares Armor v. BATFE. The jack booted NAZIs of the ATF raided Ares Armor.

Morally disgusting.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

California-based telecom business relocating to Rockwall

When you run the numbers, the decision becomes easy.
Channell Commercial Corporation will occupy a 175,000-square-foot facility to be built at the northwest corner of John King Boulevard and Justin Road. Construction on the $20 million office and industrial building will begin in the fourth quarter and will house 200 workers.

The company will keep a plant in California but said it’s setting up the new Texas operation because of California’s less-attractive business environment.

California Democrats Move To Ban Fracking In State

The states slides farther and farther into the pockets of Fear and Ignorance.

California Democrats almost unanimously approved a progressive platform Sunday that included a proposed ban on fracking, breaking with Gov. Jerry Brown, who has indicated a willingness to explore the practice.
Well, voting unanimously makes the target easier to aim at, when it comes time to vote the criminals out.


This subject typifies how far the Golden State has sunk.

After Breitbart News Senior Editor-At Large Ben Shapiro crashed a UCLA hearing of the UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council Tuesday night, the council voted the next morning, seven to five, against the resolution calling for the university to divest from businesses that supposedly “profit from the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.”
He talks pretty fast in the video, but it's still worth a listen.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

They Actually Don’t Have A Clue About Employment And Jobs, Not In California

The great Wolf Richter has a great article on CA employment.  And the retort is "no, they don't".

So how do you know if the California economy gained or lost 30,000 jobs from one month to the next when the total job count is off by half a million? You don’t! And the geniuses at the EDD don’t either. Sure we want these reports. They give us something to mull over, the media something to palaver about, and the markets a reason to rally. After enough revisions, they might even paint a fairly accurate picture of how many jobs had been created, well, many months ago. And the unemployment rate – that 6.7% nationwide and 8.1% in California – will never be an accurate rendition of reality on the ground because it wasn’t designed to be. It was designed to nudge an unemployment debacle into the best possible light.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Gallup: Percentage of Uninsured Americans Higher Now Than in 2008

Thanks for the train wreck, O'Bama!!

Defenders of Obamacare will point to a new Gallup poll showing that the percentage of Americans without health insurance continues to fall -- to 15.9 percent so far in 2014, down from 17.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013.

But compare the most recent percentages with those posted by Gallup in 2008, when 14.8 percent of Americans lacked health insurance coverage.

In fact, as Gallup has previously reported, "The number of uninsured was generally below 15% in 2008 until it began to increase in November of that year, coincident with the worst of the economic crisis."

A STRETCH: Documents reveal tobacco companies funded their own ‘tea party’ first

So the starting premise is that The Tea Party has its roots and original funding by the evil Big Tobacco. But as you read, you realize the whole connection is pretty bogus.  The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other other than some basic philosophical underpinnings.
Those two groups participated in the first round of tea party protests that captured national media attention in 2009, but they were not originally created under those names. As researchers Amanda Fallin, Rachel Grana and Stanton Glantz noted, they were were originally a single entity called Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE), an organization co-founded in the 1980s by billionaire industrialist David Koch to oppose regulation of tobacco and other air pollutants. Tobacco companies gave the organization millions of dollars to help fund efforts to engineer and organize “grassroots” advocates to speak against everything from federal tobacco regulation to smoking bans.
Oh!  Those evil Koch brothers!   The favorite Leftist Red Scare, so to speak.  And don't you love how they say "tobacco and other air pollutants"?  CSE fought against more than just regulations on "tobacco and other air pollutants".  But I guess that just sounds better and evil..ler.

And just because FW and AFP were involved doesn't mean they were calling the shots.  We know how the Tea Party got started (Santelli's rant started it all - but maybe the Koch Brothers orchestrateed that, too).  And we know that there are dozens of independent Tea Party chapters throughout the US that have no association with the Koch Brothers, AFP or FW. If anything, all we can say is that AFP and FW are just two of the many organizations that all fight for the same thing: stopping the Leftist train wreck.

So, in the end, all this article did was say "there were conservative organizations in the 80s".

So. What?

LA Times Columnist Proclaims The 'Study of Ignorance' Leads to Big Tobacco, The Nazis, Fox News, and The Tea Party

Yeah.  We all know about ignorance.  All we have to do is look at the completely dull witted believers in human caused Global Warming.  What ignorance!!

How naturally does this liberal arrogance – we are all-knowing and compassionate, you are “cultural producers of ignorance” – fit with journalistic “pedagogues” and propaganda-spreading teachers? An “educated populace” is a secular progressive populace.

In a similar vein, Hiltzik concluded February by assaulting "stimulus deniers," because if you can't see Obama's "stimulus" worked economic wonders, then you've never looked at a chart, or wanted to:

[University of Wisconsin professor Menzie] Chinn observes (and shows his work via a series of telling slides) that the launch of ARRA coincides almost exactly with the bottoming out of the stock market, the reversal of a trend of increasing negative GDP growth and an almost unbroken record of positive growth since the end of the first quarter of 2009.

"The burden of proof," he writes, "lies on those who assert the beginning of the recovery is due to anything, anything (Fed balance sheet expansion, TARP -- both implemented six months earlier -- sunspots, or the return of Ancient Aliens) but the policies implemented by the Obama Administration."

....As we enter year six of the stimulus era, with yet another disappointing reading on GDP, it's important to keep all that in mind: The stimulus works, it should have been bigger, and the impulse to replace it with austerity measures has done nothing but hurt workers and businesses. Anyone who claims otherwise doesn't know how to read an economic chart, or doesn't want to.

Oh yeah.  Tell the millions who quit looking for work that TARP was a really good idea.  I know they are all throwing up their hands yelling "Thank God for TARP!!"

And with the trillions the Federal Reserve has absorbed in Treasury Bonds and bad mortgages, we're still not even treading water.  So, if we spent a QUADRILLION dollars, do they honestly think it would have made a difference?

Talk about ignorance!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Obama to preserve California federal lands

More Federal land grabs.  The country is trillions in debt.  There is a dollar cost to doing this.  So we pay to maintain it with more debt?

t will expand a national monument created in 2000 by President Bill Clinton to include coastal bluffs and shelves, tide pools, onshore sand dunes, coastal prairies, riverbanks and the mouth and estuary of the Garcia River.

Obama’s designation would follow recent action by the Environmental Protection Agency to block development of Pebble Mine, a massive copper and gold deposit in Alaska’s treasured Bristol Bay region.
So that's why.  To cement the banning of "evil capitalists" from raping the land.

California’s Smart Egg Rules

Dumb article from the NYT.

Egg growers and some agricultural scientists say there is not enough evidence that eggs from hens that are given more space are safer than eggs from hens kept in battery cages. But several European studies have found that farms that pack hens in smaller spaces are more likely to test positive for salmonella than farms where hens have more room to move around. (The European Union banned the use of battery cages starting in 2012.)
Gee whizz, what stupidity. More salmonella? So what?  In the USA, we wash our eggs before they go on sale, Europe doesn't require the washing.  Even if there is salmonella, it's gone by the time the eggs are on the shelves.

And I've discussed the end results of the rules in Europe.  The small egg farms are getting crushed since they don't have the money to update their facilities to the new rules.  Adn we know what this means: HIGHER PRICES.

The NYT is ASTONISHED! that anyone would want to sue CA.  That's what happens when all of your friends are LEFTISTS.  You just can't believe there are hicks in the world who would think otherwise.

Hundreds start work at Fresno Covered California call center

Well, this explains the drastic change in the U-Haul Index for this month.

The new employees will undergo about three weeks of training, and they should be ready to tackle the phones by the end of the month.

Nearly 30 of the new hires will be devoted entirely to Spanish speaking clients. Covered California also has representatives trained to field questions in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

"We want to make sure those thousands of individuals across the state, have help when they need help," Lee said.

The Fresno Call Center has been open since the fall. They have about 100 employees, prior to the addition of the 250 employees. The Fresno Call Center, along with customer service representatives in call centers in the state, helps field calls from all over California.
As soon at the people moving out work through the surplus trucks, the rise will start back up again.

SOCIALISM IN ACTION Venezuela divisions deepen as protest over food shortages is halted

From the Guardian:

Earlier, more than 5,000 protesters banged pots, blew horns and whistles and carried banners in the capital to decry crippling inflation and shortages of basics including flour, milk and toilet paper. Similar protests were held in at least five other cities.

All over Venezuela, people spend hours every week queuing at supermarkets, often before dawn, without even knowing what may arrive.

“There’s nothing to buy. You can only buy what the government lets enter the country because everything is imported. There’s no beef. There’s no chicken,” said Zoraida Carrillo, a 50-year-old marcher in Caracas.

The capital’s government-allied mayor had refused the marchers a permit to hold the “empty pots” rally, leading opposition leader Henrique Capriles to accuse authorities of trying to “criminalise” peaceful protests.

“Nicolas [Maduro] is afraid of the empty pots of our people. He mobilises hundreds of soldiers against empty pots,” he said of the man who defeated him by a razor-thin margin in April presidential elections.

Friday, March 7, 2014

California bill would ban orca shows at SeaWorld

Why not let the people who attend the shows make the decision?  If they don't attend the shows, then the shows will stop.  Why is it that CA must regulate or outright ban anything and everything?

The default should be that there be no laws against.

"Included in the group are some of the same activists that partnered with PETA in bringing the meritless claim that animals in human care should be considered slaves under the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution -- a clear publicity stunt. This legislation appears to reflect the same sort of out-of-the-mainstream thinking," Bides said in a statement. "We engage in business practices that are responsible, sustainable and reflective of the balanced values all Americans share."

The proposed law would end performance-based entertainment for all killer whales in California, captive breeding programs and the export and import of genetic material, and the import and export of orcas within the state.

LEFTIST SEGREGATIONIST: Why I can’t stand white belly dancers

What gets me is that they don't even see it.  They author doesn't even realize that he is advocating segregation.  This is typical of Leftists.  They can see the splinter in your eye, but they can't see the huge log in their own.

We call that a hypocrite.

But, here’s the thing. Arab women are not vessels for white women to pour themselves and lose themselves in; we are not bangles or eyeliner or tiny bells on hips. We are human beings. This dance form is originally ours, and does not exist so that white women can have a better sense of community; can gain a deeper sense of sisterhood with each other; can reclaim their bodies; can celebrate their sexualities; can perform for the female gaze. Just because a white woman doesn’t profit from her performance doesn’t mean she’s not appropriating a culture. And, ultimately, the question is this: Why does a white woman’s sisterhood, her self-reclamation, her celebration, have to happen on Arab women’s backs?
No, fella, HERE'S the thing:

First of all, not ALL Arabic women are brown skinned.

Last I checked, white women are human beings, too.

So, maybe we could compare this to something found in the United States:  Hula dancers

In Hawaii, it is not unusual at all to find lighter skinned women hula dancing in a troupe .  Do I frown and act disgusted that the woman isn't Polynesian?  No!  

Fella, you need to take a long hard look at yourself and what you are actually saying.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

U-Haul Index for March

I haven't been able to keep track of the numbers in a spreadsheet like I used to.  Some day I'll go back and fill in the blanks.  Traveling overseas causes one to rearrange one's life. But anyway, here are the numbers for March:

San Francisco ==> San Antonio  $1395
San Antonio ==> San Francisco  $616

Fresno ==> San Antonio $998
San Antonio ==> Fresno  $845

Wow!   What a drop in the Fresno to San Antonio route!  That is not what I would have expected.  With the draught I would have thought the numbers of people moving out would jump dramatically.  Either anyone that is left is happy to stay, or there is no one left to move out.  The other explanation is that U-Haul finally addressed the problems in Fresno and have diverted more trucks to the city.

I'm really curious how this all plays out now.

Just to remind you, I pull the numbers from the website.  I base it on the 14' truck that is used for moving the furniture and belongings of a family living in a two bedroom apartment.

UPDATE:  Looks like CA established a large call center in Fresno.  I have an blog post about it here.

Other States Join Mo. Challenge of California Egg Law

I'm not for this lawsuit.  But one thing is for certain: CA must feel the PAIN of what it is causing it's residents.  Than and ONLY then will things change in the state.
The six states suing to block the law produce 20 billion eggs a year, of which nearly 2 billion are sold in California. Koster contends Missouri farmers would have to spend about $120 million to remodel their cages to comply with California’s law or forgo sales to one of their most important markets.
What will happen is that some smaller egg farmers will fold.  Some egg farmers will just completely bypass the CA market.  Prices for other states will go up marginally.  Egg prices in CA will skyrocket.

Hollywood Continues to Flee California at Alarming Rate

Yeah.  Incentives help filming to shoot in non-CA locations.  But I'm not sure they needed too much of that to convince them.
While statistics abound that show the extent of the economic impact of locally set runaways, on another level, the issue is emotional. The Feb. 22 rally featured an impassioned declaration by Maria Elena Durazo, secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, who pledged that organized labor will back the push for an improved film incentive.

“We are going to stand with you to make sure Hollywood does not become Detroit,” she declared. “I’ll be damned if we’re going to stand by and see the last film industry worker here turn out the lights. Hell, no!”

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why this bilingual education ban should have repealed long ago

Utter shear stupidity.
Millions of Spanish-speaking immigrant students lost the opportunity to learn or retain valuable literacy skills in Spanish while they acquired English. And, millions of California-born Latinos who enrolled in school with the gift of native bilingualism would later leave school unable to read and write in Spanish.
I guess the author is talking about the millions of Spanish-speaking ILLEGAL immigrants.  And CA native born hispanics (or Latinos - whatever!) have lost that ability.

Seeing that I have a daughter who speaks three languages, I can tell you now you don't need the STATE to maintain a second language or even a third.  If the parents want their kids to continue with Spanish all they have to do is keep speaking to their kids in their language.

I have friends who are a couple from India who recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter.  She is learning Hindi and English by talking to her in those languages.  Also, since they can afford a maid (must be nice!) the maid speaks to the child in Spanish.  Before it's all over she will be speaking three languages.

The idea of dual immersion in languages at home is not new and it is effective and the rules are simple and is most effective if each parent speaks a different language.  If the father speaks English, the father should only talk to the child in English regardless of how the child responds.  If the mother speaks Spanish, then she should do likewise.

So, if the child is losing the ability to speak Spanish it's because THE PARENTS DON'T WANT THE CHILD SPEAKING SPANISH.

I am in Seoul, South Korea right now and my daughter attends an International School where speaking Korean is banned.  I thought that was a little harsh, especially since I was hoping she would be able to learn yet a fourth language.  But the idea at the school is to teach ENGLISH.  Why? Because it is the international language of business.  Most of the kids at my daughter's school are Korean.

I know this because I have worked all over the world.  The one common factor is that the language used to transact business is ENGLISH.  Not Spanish, Korean, Chinese, German.  ENGLISH.

At my daughter's school the requirement is that at least one of the parents has to be from a country other than S. Korea.  So, where is the child learning Korean?  Most likely from the parent who speaks Korean and possibly a tutor (since the alphabet in this case is in no way Roman.  You need additional instruction for this).

If this instructor is correct in that our children are losing out, what should we have done with the millions of German immigrants who came to America?  Should we have accommodated them?  As it turns out, Germans number the largest group of immigrants in the USA.  So, in the end we would have part of the country speaking German/English, French/English, Spanish/English and finally English/English and even more from there.

What utter utter stupidity.

Chipotle Warns It Might Stop Serving Guacamole If Global Warming Gets Worse

Belief in Global Warming has made idiots of some of the smartest people in America.  
“Increasing weather volatility or other long-term changes in global weather patterns, including any changes associated with global climate change, could have a significant impact on the price or availability of some of our ingredients,” the popular chain, whose Sofritas vegan tofu dish recently went national, said in its annual report released last month. “In the event of cost increases with respect to one or more of our raw ingredients we may choose to temporarily suspend serving menu items, such as guacamole or one or more of our salsas, rather than paying the increased cost for the ingredients.”

Chipotle did say that it recognizes the pain it (and its devotees) would have to go through if it decided to suspend a menu item. “Any such changes to our available menu may negatively impact our restaurant traffic and comparable restaurant sales, and could also have an adverse impact on our brand,” the filing read.

Well this is easy. I'll just go down to the restaurant that has the guac to enjoy my TexMex food.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

German Homeschoolers, Romeike Family, Will Not Be Deported, DHS Says

So, the German homeschoolers are granted the ability to stay here indefinitely by the WHIM of the administration.  Not for any "religious persecution" reasons, when that is for sure the reason?

"We are happy to have indefinite status even though we won't be able to get American citizenship any time soon," Uwe Romeike, the father, said. "As long as we can live at peace here, we are happy. We have always been ready to go wherever the Lord would lead us — and I know my citizenship isn't really on earth.

"This has always been about our children. I wouldn't have minded staying in Germany if the mistreatment targeted only me — but our whole family was targeted when German authorities would not tolerate our decision to teach our children — that is what brought us here."

Venezuela: the ‘malandro’ nation

I've decided to chronicle the evils of Communism past and present, to remind the future what it is and was like.  Venezuela is al most textbook in most regards. 
Hugo Chávez died a year ago and today Venezuela is suffering his unfortunate legacy. Although the country sits on the world’s largest oil reserves, the economy is a train wreck in slow motion. Inflation is running at an annual rate of 56 per cent and there are chronic shortages of basic goods. The country is politically riven, as seen in the violent protests of the past three weeks. If it was not for Ukraine, Venezuela’s chaos would be on the homepages of news websites everywhere. Instead it risks slipping under the radar, a potentially dangerous oversight.
The article is, unfortunately, sympathetic toward Chavez.  A huge mistake.  Maybe FT is sympathetic towards Communism. If so, then they are as stupid as Chavez was.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Watch Outraged Citizens Excoriate City School Superintendent Over $600,000 Salary

Holy cow!  $600,000?  A year?  No wonder CA is in financial trouble. Who the heck approved this?

The small California community has been shocked to discover that in addition to the $663,000 compensation package granted to Jose Fernandez, he also received a monumental loan from the school district of $900,000 at 2 percent interest over 40 years, even though he had already declared bankruptcy twice!

Again, the video doesn't appear. Here's the link:


More Anti-O'Bama street art.  I wonder who is behind all of this.
The posters, of unknown origin, feature the Oscar statue with Vladimir Lenin's head and the title "OCZARS," referring to the proliferation of "czars"--powerful officials with no congressional oversight--in the Obama administration.

HOLY SHADES OF ATLAS SHRUGGED! Tim Cook tells Capitalists to F off!

I really can't believe it.  I just can't believe it. Apple is not a company.  It's a religion.  It's really not interested in the bottom line.  It's interested in being a Social Model.  Whatever!

I think we have witnessed the beginning of the end of Apple.  Will it happen tomorrow?  I doubt it.  Next week?  No.  Next year?  Probably not.  But, believe me.  We have reached the turning point. It's all inertia for now.

Cook is a passionate environmentalist, and after he took over from Jobs, he ordered Apple to make vast improvements in its use of renewable energy.

Cook hired former EPA head Lisa Jackson last year to lead his company's environmental efforts, and these days, three-quarters of all of the company's facilities, including all of its data centers and its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, run on solar, wind, geothermal, or hydro power. This up from about one-fourth of the worldwide facilities when Jobs was running the company, reports Mashable, and Cook one day wants all Apple facilities to use green power.

But the NCPPR asserts that Apple's future goal of having 100 percent of the power used to fuel its business come from green sources was only made so it can milk government subsidies for companies using green energy.

Cook, the normally mild-mannered successor to much-more fiery-tempered late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, angrily told the representatives during a question-and-answer session at the stockholders' meeting that Apple takes its mission to the environment seriously, even though it doesn't earn the company money.

"When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind," he said. "I don't consider the bloody ROI. If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock."
When they finally have had enough of Lisa Jackson, then I'll buy more Apple stock.  Until then, I'm done.