Saturday, December 16, 2017

Wolf whistling and sexist remarks could become hate crimes in London

You see?  Now non-verbal sounds can be "Hate Speech" in the UK.  How can the people of the UK stand for this?

Watch the next step to be "looking" at a woman to be hate speech.

Can we imagine the Police State stepping further in and controlling how you dress and where you go to combat "hate speech"?
The Metropolitan Police today revealed it is speaking with other UK forces to assess whether it is worth cracking down on gender-based hate crimes after a pilot scheme was launched in the East Midlands last year.

The trial, led by Nottinghamshire Police, saw sexist incidents like street harassment, verbal abuse and taking photos without consent recorded as hate crimes, carrying tougher penalties for offenders.

Police chiefs are now considering rolling out the idea elsewhere in the UK, suggesting a harsher stance on everyday sexism could stop it escalating into sexual harassment or assault.
I see the streets of London being filled with walking silence as Bobbies stand by to ensure you say nothing unless you be arrested for Hate Speech.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The UK is now Anti-Christian

I would now think twice about ever relocating to the UK.  Ban Franklin Graham over hate speech?  This is amazing.  The central theme of Christian doctrine is the everlasting love of Christ.  And now Graham is spewing hate speech?  This is sick, twisted and perverted.

I told you.  I told you that "Hate Speech" is an amorphous term and can change from day-to-day, minute-to-minute.  I suspect at some point, as most Leftist doctrine based on NOTHING can do, if you profess love for an individual you will be BLASTED for Hate Speech.

Welcome to the Post Christian Age.
British parliamentarians along with over 6,000 people have signed an online petition to ban world-famous American evangelist Franklin Graham from entry into the country because they say he has used “hate speech” against “Muslims and LGBT people.”

Graham is scheduled to speak in the U.K., in Blackpool, Sept. 2018.

The evangelist has taken a strong Biblical stance against homosexuality, calling it “a sin” and warning those engaging in homosexual acts about the judgment of God. He has called Christians to boycott businesses that promote the LGBT agenda. He criticized Disney earlier this year for its remake of Beauty and the Beast that promotes homosexuality. “They’re trying to push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children,” he said. “Watch out!”
And get this:
News of the petition against Graham comes as the British government refuses to answer whether proclaiming the Christian faith in public could be a “hate crime.”

During a Question Period in the House of Lords regarding hate crime prosecution, Lord Pearson of Rannock asked the government to confirm that a Christian who states that “Jesus is the only Son of the one true God” cannot be arrested for it. Baroness Vere, representing the government, refused to comment.

Why is this even an issue to be debated?

Could we be soon to witness the mass migration of devout Christians from the UK for fear of being jailed...or worse?  This is CHILLING.  How could there ever be the situation a sentence like that could ever be penned?

Monday, December 4, 2017

The End Of Trannies

There!  I said it!  The use of the word "trannies" will end soon.

But...when I say Trannies, I mean the Dow Jones Transportation Average.  It is commonly referred to as "Trannies"

I'm just waiting for the Dow Jones to cave and be forced to change the name to something else like maybe,  The Dow Jones "Asset Mobility Average".

Sunday, December 3, 2017


To me, it looks from here, the cultural battle in CA has been lost.  I have often pleaded that people should LEAVE CA NOW.  Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow.


The criminals and deranged are in such plentiful supply, they are amply available in the Leftist Cesspool of SF to populate a jury who see absolutely nothing wrong with a person - regardless of his race, brandishing a loaded weapon.  Normal and sane people see such an act as WRECKLESS and FOOLISH and deserving of a punishment that fits the crime of shooting someone to death.

From the

But just because Garcia Zarate was acquitted on all homicide and assault charges (the jury, which contained three immigrants, found him guilty only of illegal gun possession) doesn’t mean that all is well for illegal alien criminals in the Golden Sanctuary State. The people we should really be concerned for now, according to former San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, are illegal aliens themselves. “I’m afraid the immigrant community is going to be made to pay for something that the jury decided appears to be a very tragic accident,” said Campos, now chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. Trump and pro-enforcement forces would react to the verdict by “ramping up their rhetoric.”True to form, a sitting San Francisco supervisor turned the case into a gun control matter. “I always thought this is not an immigration issue, as Trump made it out to be— this is a gun management issue,” said Sandra Lee Fewer. “A car is not a safe and secure place to keep a gun, knowing the amount of car break-ins we have in San Francisco.” Now why might San Francisco have so many car break-ins? Because of California’s Proposition 47, which forbids prison sentences for most thefts, and which has led to a sharp increase in property crimes. But Supervisor Fewer treats car thefts as a fact of nature—like illegal immigration—that society has no power to quell.

California’s once-unrivalled status as the country’s most educated state has long since disintegrated under the waves of low-skilled, low-social-capital Mexican and Central American immigrants. Now, California's K-12 system rivals Mississippi and Alabama as an education backwater. The state’s school-age population, now majority Hispanic, lacks competitive linguistic and math skills. (Of course, defense counsel conducted part of their post-verdict press conference in Spanish, oblivious to the symbolism.) California is becoming another Brazil, divided between fabulously wealthy elites hunkered down in their own coastal sanctuaries, and a poor, Third World population. Before the rest of the country ends up in the same situation, the immigration policies that gave rise to the Steinle homicide must change. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been conducting a largely unheralded effort to end sanctuary jurisdictions, but the illegal-alien lawyer’s lobby has fought him at every turn.
So, the real question now is:  WILL YOU BE NEXT TO DIE AT THE HANDS OF LAWLESS CA??