Thursday, October 31, 2019

Is California Becoming Premodern?

This is step 1.

The state's elite took revolving-door entries and exits for granted. They assumed that California was so naturally rich, beautiful and well-endowed that there would always be thousands of newcomers who would queue up for the weather, the shore, the mountains and the hip culture.

Yet California is nearing the logical limits of progressive adventurism in policy and politics.

Residents carefully plan long highway trips as if they were ancient explorers charting dangerous routes. Tourists warily enter downtown Los Angeles or San Francisco as if visiting a politically unstable nation.

Insatiable state tax collectors and agencies are viewed by the public as if they were corrupt officials of Third World countries seeking bribes. Californians flip their switches unsure of whether the lights will go on. Many are careful about what they say, terrified of progressive thought police who seem more worried about critics than criminals.

Our resolute ancestors took a century to turn a wilderness into California. Our irresolute generation in just a decade or two has been turning California into a wilderness.
Step 2:  Anarchy

Step 3: Communist/ La Raza Revolution in CA.  Oregon, Washington State (portion - breaks into West Washington and East Washington) join the Rebellion.

Step 4: US Military moves in to defeat Insurrection and Rebellion.  Patriots join the fight.

Step 5:  Insurrection is CRUSHED but at great cost. Thus ends the Second Civil War.

This is our future.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Vegetarian ate 1 burger, got hooked and became a butcher

I find this hilarious.  Vegetarianism or it's stepmother Veganism never made any sense to me.  Especially now that they are all gah-gah over fake looking meats. Insanity.

I think the woman looks BETTER since she started eating meat (however, I think she was pregnant in the photo on the left)
Jonas continues to support the cause of vegetarians, but hopes to find “the best way to eat on a finite planet,” and said farms like hers can “help reverse, or at least mitigate climate change.” She just hopes her vegetarian friends can accept her new lifestyle — while also calling out the booming plant-based meat industry.

“Hats off to you if you don’t want to participate in any livestock production, but try not to have too hard a go at those of us who are trying to restore landscapes with livestock,” she said, adding, “and doing a much better job of it than your vegan impossible burger.”

Monday, October 21, 2019

The “Supermarket Sweep” Addiction and decriminalization fuel a West Coast shoplifting boom.

This is just incredible.  We are watching the End of Civilization as we know it.
Unfortunately, as West Coast cities grapple with an addiction epidemic, the shoplifting boom has only accelerated because of decriminalization. California's Proposition 47, approved by nearly 60 percent of voters statewide in 2014, reclassified many drug and property felonies as misdemeanors, effectively decriminalizing thefts of $1,000 or less. Many criminals now believe, justifiably, that they can steal with impunity. For example, in San Francisco, police reported 33,000 car break-ins last year; the city now leads the nation in overall property crime. In Portland, a repeat offender nicknamed the “Hamburglar” stole $2,690 worth of meat in one year. He bluntly told police officers: “I know the law. I know the rules. I know what I can and can’t do . . . I’m never going to get over $1,000 at any store.” The Portland Police Department, which doesn’t assign officers to retail theft cases, admits that official statistics vastly underreport actual crime.
Why do I get the feeling that CA is being run by criminals?

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Meat industry sues California for animal protection 'overreach'

Well, here we are. I have often wondered when we would reach the "Point of Absurdity"

What do I mean?  Take a scenario.  Any scenario.  Now stretch it to its Point of Absurdity.  What happens?  Well, when it comes to governments, I suspect 90% of the time it will come to past.

A good example of this is the huge Federal Government debt. We have stretched the scenario to the actual Point of Absurdity. We are at the moment where the USA has ammassed more debt than any country in the history of the world.

So here we are with California. We are close to reaching the Point of Absurdity where CA has imposed such draconian restrictions on the farming sector.  What is the P.O.A.  I'm talking about?  The P.O.A. where these businesses will through up their hands and walk away.  At the P.O.A., they willl quit doing business with anyone in CA.

But knowing what we know of CA, they will look at this not as a Bug, but as a Feature.
The North American Meat Institute, whose members include processors such as Tyson Foods and retailers including Walmart, said enforcing Proposition 12 would hurt producers and consumers by significantly increasing their costs.

It also said the measure, which passed last November with 63% of the vote, was an "overreach" that violated the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause by requiring out-of-state producers to comply with California's rules or face a sales ban.

"Prop 12 hurts the family on a budget with higher prices for pork, veal and eggs, and unfairly punishes livestock producers outside of California by forcing them to spend millions more just to access California markets," Meat Institute President Julie Anna Potts said in a statement.
But just like Prop 2 where they first tried to affect the egg laying industry, their pleas will fall on deaf ears. This song has already been played.  The Commerce Clause apparently does not apply.

CA has such an outsized affect on EVERYTHING.  Whenever they pass laws that affect the manufacture of a product, all companies apply the law to the other 49 states.

I'm not sure how to stop this.  I think it will stop itself.  Out of complete frustration, the companies will decide to beat their CA plowshares into scrap metal and never do business there ever again.