Monday, September 30, 2019

Church leaders urge government to ban pointed kitchen knives

This is just getting more and more ridiculous as time moves on.  I think I even blogged about this unfolding story years ago.

Here's an article written way back in 2005.
A team from West Middlesex University Hospital said violent crime is on the increase - and kitchen knives are used in as many as half of all stabbings.

They argued many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon.

The research is published in the British Medical Journal.

The researchers said there was no reason for long pointed knives to be publicly available at all.

They consulted 10 top chefs from around the UK, and found such knives have little practical value in the kitchen.

None of the chefs felt such knives were essential, since the point of a short blade was just as useful when a sharp end was needed.

The researchers said a short pointed knife may cause a substantial superficial wound if used in an assault - but is unlikely to penetrate to inner organs.

Knife wound

Kitchen knives can inflict appalling wounds

In contrast, a pointed long blade pierces the body like "cutting into a ripe melon".

The use of knives is particularly worrying amongst adolescents, say the researchers, reporting that 24% of 16-year-olds have been shown to carry weapons, primarily knives.

And now the CHURCH is getting into the act.
Church leaders in the Diocese of Rochester have called for the government to enforce stricter rules on the sale of domestic knives.

They’ve written an open letter asking for a ban on the sale of pointed kitchen knives. The letter was also signed by leading crime experts, as well as MPs, and community leaders.

It comes after a conference called The Point in Chatham last week raised awareness of the issue, as statistics show that there has been an 80 per cent rise in knife crime in the UK since 2014.

The signatories have urged Government to "take urgent measures to promote the sale of safe kitchen knife designs and restrict those designs which have been used in so many acts of violence."

The letter endorses research, highlighted at the conference, which explains that points on domestic knives are historic and no-longer necessary.
 I think these people just need to get a LIFE!

And as far as the Church goes, maybe if they went back to their roots and did evangelizing they just might be able to convince people to deal with each other in a civilized manner.

And the whole idea that banning pointy knives will stop stabbings is just the most incredibly stupid and idiotic stance I've heard anyone take.  You can take any knife - pointy or no - and using a cheap grinder and Voila!  you have the point!!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Doubling State’s 1,100 Wind Turbines Won’t Replace This One Coal/Gas Plant

If their plan is to kill people, I think this plan will succeed.

Because the wind only blows intermittently, wind turbines in Michigan have a 36% capacity factor. That is, they can produce 1,925.3 megawatts of electricity just 36% of the time, on average. This means that, theoretically, it would require building another 2,162 wind turbines to replace the Karn coal plant.

But even that would not meet the need, because there is not enough variation in weather across Michigan to ensure that if turbine blades aren’t spinning in one area, they will do so elsewhere. When the blades are not spinning, Michigan’s utilities and the customers who rely on them would have to hope that utilities in other states have extra power available to sell at reasonable rates.

Coal-fired generators provided 37% of Michigan’s net electricity generation in 2018, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. Renewable sources provided 8%, with more than half of that coming from wind turbines.

Consumers Energy retired seven of its coal-fired generation plants in 2016. In June, the company announced it was closing the two coal-fired units at the Karn plant as of 2023.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Proposition 12. Another knife in the back of the poor

As I've said before:  GET OUT OF CA!!!  NOW!!

Proposition 12 picks up where Proposition 2 left off.  What this says is that the 2008 Prop 2 (essentially eliminating egg laying hens in confined cages) was sort of a "feeler" to see how far left the radical Left could actually push CA.

And the answer is:  They can go as far left as they want and no one in CA will put up a fight.

So here are my predictions:
- Step one: Restaurants will be compelled by law to sell meat alternatives.  Not just vegetarian fares such as a tossed salad.

- Step two: Restaurants will be compelled by law to replace some fares - say, for instance, beef - with these meat alternatives

- Step three: Restaurants will be compelled by law to slowly replace ALL meats with meat alternatives

- Step four: Right behind this will be the slow strangulation of grocery stores and what they can provide.  They will also end up having to slowly phase out meat.

And the end result?  Well, that's easy.  Massive layoffs in the food industry.  People will refuse to eat this shit.  Restaurants will close.

And who will be hurt by these"do-gooders"?   The poor!  Duh! 

CA: State Chaos and Criminal Enabler

I've been out of the loop regarding CA for a while.  I'm back in the saddle, covering my favorite whipping boy.  And it's important that we keep track of this Failed State.  Mainly - and sadly - because "As CA goes, so goes the nation."

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  To see where the nation is headed, one only has to watch the slow motion train wreck of CA to be prepared.

Criminals on the whole aren't completely stupid.  They obviously do a risk/reward assessment and have come to the conclusion that Proposition 47 is a win-win for them.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Andrew Cuomo and the Curious Case of the $81 Million Elevator

You have to ask yourself: How is this possible?   Why does it cost so much to get anything built in NYC?  This isn't hard to determine.  All you need to do is have a thrid party review the proposals.  This is not hard.

Earlier this year, a Connecticut woman died after she fell trying to carry her 1-year-old daughter in a stroller down a staircase in a New York City subway station.

The accident once again raised the question: In 2019, how does the subway system in the Greatest City on Earth™ not have elevators in every station?

Nine months later, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has provided us with the answer: It costs $81 million to make a station wheelchair-accessible—between three to 10 times what peer cities pay for the same work. Eighty-one million dollars for an elevator, or perhaps two. It’s a scandalous figure, and one that says as much about the state of American public infrastructure at large as it does about New York. We’re no good at this, and no one seems to care.
But we are good at this. But municipalities and states are not good at this.  And the constraints and rules put on contractors is probably what is shackling contractors from doing projects in a reasonable time frame and a reasonable budget.

Friday, September 20, 2019

SCIENCE & TECH: 90 Per Cent of Plastic Waste Polluting Earth’s Oceans Comes From Asia and Africa

I noticed this in Mexico. It seemed to me that countries that had lax waste management were probably responsible for the platic trash that has found its way into the environment - whether its on land or  in our waterways or oceans.

And now there is a study that back up my theory.
During her U.S. tour, Thunberg cited “horrifying pictures of plastic in the oceans,” as one of the primary reasons why Americans should listen to her.

However, researchers at Germany’s Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research discovered that a small number of rivers account for the vast majority of plastic pollution and none of them are located in western countries.

“The 10 top-ranked rivers transport 88-95 percent of the global load into the sea,” Dr. Christian Schmidt, a hydrogeologist who led the study, told the Daily Mail. “The rivers with the highest estimated plastic loads are characterized by high population – for instance the Yangtze with over half a billion people.”

Out of the top ten rivers that produce the most pollution, eight are in Asia and two are in Africa. The Yangtze River in China and the Ganges River in India were responsible for the most plastic pollution.

Friday, September 13, 2019

BET founder Robert Johnson on Trump: ‘I give the president credit for doing positive things’

That evil, hateful and especially, RACIST TRUMP!!  Just thinking about him makes Leftist just completely lose it.

But what is this?? BET founder says something nice about Trump????  WHAT?? #$%^%!!!!
President Donald Trump has done “positive things” for the economy that have greatly benefited African Americans, said Robert Johnson, the successful Democratic businessman who started the BET television network nearly 40 years ago.<

“For African Americans, the trend continues to be favorable,” Johnson said Thursday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “There used to be an old saying, ‘When White America catches a cold, African Americans get pneumonia.’ It’s going the opposite way now. White unemployment is going down, African American unemployment is going down. That’s a plus-plus that you can’t argue with.”

“I give the president credit for doing positive things; when I see a president doing positive things, particularly for African Americans,” added Johnson, who made history as America’s first black billionaire when he sold BET to Viacom in 2001. Shortly after the sale, he started the investment firm The RLJ Cos.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Peak Coffee

Peak Coffee: Has something else in our world peaked?

OK…so I started noticing a pattern. But it took several decades for me to see it form. 

First there was the tape cassette:

Then there was the floppy disk:

Then there was the memory stick (which are also found in a plethora of shapes and sizes:

Are you detecting a pattern?  It seems than when a technology becomes so common, so pervasive in our society and when companies have squeezed as much juice out of a product as they can, they always seem to be able to squeeze profits out of it one last time by… offering it in a variety of colors.  This tells us the tech has peaked.  And it is probably ready to be replaced by something else.

And so that gets us to Peak Coffee.  I was at the store the other day and this is what I saw:

So, what does this mean?

I don’t think it means that drinking coffee is dead.  What I think this means is that there is another new sophisticated coffee tech that is coming in the near future.

What will it be like?  Not a clue.

Or, I could be wrong and there is NO NEW coffee tech coming.

Who knows?  Maybe the old steel percolator is going to make a comeback.

And then.... the news comes out.  iPhone has cutting edge phones sporting the newest and best innovation of all time....

New colors.

When I heard about the Apple iPhone now available in a wide assortment of colors, it looked to me that the iPhone has been stretched as far as it will go.  

We can only hope for new groundbreaking innovation.

California Bill Means 'End for Independent Trucking' in State

In a stupid effort to strike one for the "little guy" by forcing independent drivers to be considered direct hire workers, CA has done to opposite.

They've destroyed the whole concept of the Independent Contractor.

“AB 5 could have been amended to address worker misclassification issues, as well as protect the 70,000 predominantly minority-owned truckers currently operating as independent contractors,” said Shawn Yadon, CEO of the California Trucking Association, in a press release issued by the association. “There is no reason why protecting workers does not include defending the right of tens of thousands of drivers who have built their businesses around the independent owner-operator model, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their trucks and have operated their own businesses for decades.”

CA does it again.  Perverts yet another part of their economy.