Saturday, September 28, 2019

Proposition 12. Another knife in the back of the poor

As I've said before:  GET OUT OF CA!!!  NOW!!

Proposition 12 picks up where Proposition 2 left off.  What this says is that the 2008 Prop 2 (essentially eliminating egg laying hens in confined cages) was sort of a "feeler" to see how far left the radical Left could actually push CA.

And the answer is:  They can go as far left as they want and no one in CA will put up a fight.

So here are my predictions:
- Step one: Restaurants will be compelled by law to sell meat alternatives.  Not just vegetarian fares such as a tossed salad.

- Step two: Restaurants will be compelled by law to replace some fares - say, for instance, beef - with these meat alternatives

- Step three: Restaurants will be compelled by law to slowly replace ALL meats with meat alternatives

- Step four: Right behind this will be the slow strangulation of grocery stores and what they can provide.  They will also end up having to slowly phase out meat.

And the end result?  Well, that's easy.  Massive layoffs in the food industry.  People will refuse to eat this shit.  Restaurants will close.

And who will be hurt by these"do-gooders"?   The poor!  Duh! 

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