Sunday, August 7, 2016

African-American Church in North Carolina Endorses Donald Trump

If there is one group in the USA that understands the plight of blacks in America, it would have to be the Black churches.  What is astonishing is that many see at least a flicker of a flame of hope in Trump.

"This rally is to call to attention, raise awareness and rally support for Republican nominee, Mr. Donald Trump, featuring campaign representatives. This invitation is extended to both supporters and non-supporters, to engage in a real dialogue about issues that we want to see a part of the presidential narrative for 2016," explained a flyer for the event posted on Facebook.

"Supporting Hillary is like being with an abusive ex, one that you already know left you broken and wounded. At this point, give the new guy a chance. She has had a LONG political life, what she couldn't do in those years, can't be trusted to do within the next for (sic]. Even the Democratic Party that has manipulate our vote and smothered our voice, since the Civil Rights era," the description ended.

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