Thursday, December 19, 2013

California might be first to mandate 'kill switch' for smartphones

Now why the hell does there need to be a LAW??
Still, at least one trade group, known as CTIA-The Wireless Association, has warned that a kill switch could make smartphones susceptible to hackers, who could theoretically gain unauthorized access to a phone and render it inoperable for its owner. This could potentially impact law enforcement officials and other federal agencies.
Hackers?  How about the local police?  I'm more fearful of them than hackers.

Also, how is the kill switch going to stop thefts? If you want to stop the thief from using your phone, call your carrier and they will deactivate the phone.

The main reason for a kill switch would be to wipe out the contact and SMS information. And you still have to call your carrier.

And to give you an idea how LEFTIST CA has become, this article shows the Mayor of London asking phone manufacturers to do more to prevent phone thefts.  No, he hasn't called for MORE LAWS.  He's doing it the smart way.  Whereas, CA's only solution is to pass a law.

Yes, CA deserves its nickname the Venezuela of North America.

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