Monday, September 22, 2014

Treasury takes actions to deter inversions

I'm still not back to full speed right now.  Hopefully, in within the next month I'll be back.

First of all, the title of the article is disgusting.  This is like the reporter is on the side of the US Government on this.

I know this isn't the first time the Federal Government has put up road blocks to make it harder for corporations to locate overseas.  Apparently, it hasn't worked.  And this won't work either.

So, this is how it starts.  They put up barriers to prevent companies from leaving the country.  In the meantime, citizens who want to renounce their citizenship have seen the "fee" to do so go from free to $2,350.  Who knows what will be next to prevent people and businesses from leaving the country?

Once the Mexican-US boarder trails are used to flee the US instead of enter America in search of a better life....the border fence WILL be built.

What shall we call this?  The American IRONIC IRON CURTAIN?

Someone come up with a sarcastic, ignoble term to describe a border fence that will be used to keep US citizens from fleeing to a better life.  The term should show the stupidity of the US Government and the bitterness and irony of the situation.

I just can't believe what we have become.  It's startling.  It's despicable.  The enemy, the Soviet Union that we are credited with defeating...we are transforming into THEM!

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