Sunday, March 29, 2015

Desal, the Climate Crisis, and Our Children’s Future

I just hope and pray that people who write articles like this aren't listened to anymore.  When you're down to your last drop of water and thousands if not millions need more, people like this will still be yelling "conserve!  conserve!".  How utterly, utterly stupid and vapid.

California is in the drought caught with their collective pants down.  They never bothered to invest in the infrastructure they needed to provide water to the masses.  They listened to the vacuated minds of environmentalists who don't give a damn about the lives of humans.

California deserves what California gets.

Desalination is a desperate choice for Santa Barbara, but fortunately it’s not necessary. With its huge cost, risk, and climate footprint, it assumes water users put lush landscapes ahead of our children’s future.
But I guess the idiotic writer didn't get that if the Santa Barbara still ran their desalinisation plant THEY WOULDN'T BE IN THIS PREDICATMENT.

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