Monday, May 30, 2016

The New Slavery: Artists Threatened With Jail Time if They Don't Serve Gay Weddings

Hard to believe we have something called "Conscientious Objector" where one can get out of raising a rifle against another human being.  But if you refuse to bake a cake you could go to jail?

This is sounding more and more like slavery.  I just can't believe it's coming back and is going to be socially acceptable.  How morally disgusting.
A lawsuit filed in Arizona claims a city ordinance forces local artists to use their talents to promote same-sex weddings and does not allow them to express freely their belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative, Christian legal organization, filed a pre-enforcement challenge to Phoenix's city code May 12 for Breanna Koski and Joanna Duka, owners of Brush & Nib Studio based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Koski and Duka, who want to honor God through their art and business, specialize in hand painting, hand lettering and calligraphy for events, like weddings.

Phoenix law "strips artists of their freedom to choose what to create and what to say in the marriage context," the complaint against the city says. If Koski and Duke were to turn down creating art to celebrate a same-sex marriage, the city could fine them up to $2,500 for each day they violate the law and make them spend six months in jail since their studio creates art for opposite-sex wedding ceremonies, according to the complaint.

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