Saturday, September 10, 2016

California nears adoption of energy-saving rules for computers

How preposterous.

California regulators moved a step closer on Friday to the first mandatory U.S. energy efficiency standards for computers and monitors, gadgets that account for 3 percent of home electric bills and 7 percent of commercial power costs in the state.

The latest draft standards issued by the California Energy Commission, marking the second revision of rules first proposed in March 2015, would save consumers an estimated $373 million annually when fully implemented, the agency said.

The projected energy savings under the plan are equivalent to the electricity used annually by all the homes in San Francisco, according to the commission.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group working with the commission on the standards, said they would cut greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion in power generation by 700,000 tons a year.
Most homes now have ditched their desktop computer and have switched to a laptop or even just an iPad or tablet of some sort.  These devices use so little electricity, that to read these guys are trying to control power consumption just makes me want to either laugh....or puke.  So how much power does your laptop use?  Just check out
My Lenovo Thinkpad X61s with a low, but not ultra-low, voltage processor consumes 12W of power with the monitor at about half brightness doing web-based/office tasks (I measured it a few years ago, might double-check this later). This is on the low end of power consumption for a laptop.

Over an hour of usage it uses 12 Wh of electricity, which is 83 hours of use per kWh. With an average cost of electricity of 12c/kWh, this means that for $1 in electricity I can run my laptop for 651 hours.
As usual, the Private Sector is DECADES ahead of bureaucrats.   What a stupid, wasteful law.  Wht a waste of time.  I just can't figure out why it is taking the people of CA to tell these guys to eff off.

And then there is the point that computer, and especially, the internet are not net user of power.  They are net SAVERS of power:

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