Friday, February 3, 2017

Mayor announces new e-commerce company moving to Reno

When will Democrats finally learn?

NEVER.  NEVER.  Even when they turn into a macro version of Detroit, the Left will continue to vote in the Leftists.  Utterly disgusting and pathetic.  There is no learning.  Only making things worse.
Executives from Zazzle said that they choose to move their distribution and manufacturing center to northern Nevada based on Reno’s quality of life as well as the ease of doing business within the state.

“It is very hard to do business from a manufacturing perspective in California,” Bridget Smith, vice president of Zazzle, said.

Zazzle currently has three facilities in California, two in the Bay Area and one in San Diego. Approximately a year and a half ago, the company started looking for a new location for its manufacturing facility.

“We set it up so all of our leases would co-terminate,” Smith said.

After looking at many other locations across the United States, the company choose to settle into Reno. Zazzle is working closely with Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada’s Stan Thomas as well as Kylie Rowe from Dickson Realty during this relocation.

“We are just hoping for a better lifestyle for our employees,” Smith said.

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