Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Arrogance of Blue America

I'm not sure how or exactly when it happened.  I suspect it started during the Vietnam War when the Left who were voted into office caused the death of untold numbers of South Vietnamese.  They were voted into office to get us out of the unpopular Vietnam War.  But the slow trickle in of more and more Leftists (as opposed to the classical liberal) slowly morphed the Democratic Party into the evil disgusting American-Hating group that they are.

This opened the door even wider allowing more Leftists/Socialists to be voted into office.  I knew 30 years ago the Left didn't give a fig about the poor. Only the Right cares.  The Right wants ALL GROUPS of people to flourish.

But, for the Left, it's all about Idiology.  IF you don't are dead.  You are not human. That's the level of hatred and digust they have for "unbelievers".

From the Daily Beast:
Ironically, many of the most exploited people reside in blue states and cities. Both segregation and impoverishment has worsened during the decades-long urban “comeback,” as even longtime urban enthusiast Richard Florida now notes. Chicago, with its soaring crime rates and middle class out-migration, amidst a wave of elite corporate relocations, epitomizes the increasingly unequal tenor of blue societies.

In contrast the most egalitarian places, like Utah, tend to be largely Trump-friendly. Among the 10 states (and D.C.) with the most income inequality, seven supported Clinton in 2016, while seven of the 10 most equal states supported Trump.

If you want to see worst impacts of blue policies, go to those red regions—like upstate New York—controlled by the blue bourgeoise. Backwaters like these tend to be treated at best as a recreational colony that otherwise can depopulate, deindustrialize, and in general fall apart. In California, much of the poorer interior is being left to rot by policies imposed by a Bay Area regime hostile to suburban development, industrial growth, and large scale agriculture. Policies that boost energy prices 50 percent above neighboring states are more deeply felt in regions that compete with Texas or Arizona and are also far more dependent on air conditioning than affluent, temperate San Francisco or Malibu. Six of the 10 highest unemployment rates among the country’s metropolitan areas are in the state’s interior.

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