Monday, September 18, 2017

Gerald jerked his body around and up - such it is when your sort of lying on your side...but yet almost angled with your front pointed sort of "up", I guess.

He didn't dare inhale.  The gum would most certainly get sucked into a lung or something.

He felt pretty stupid. It was 30 years ago when he learned his first lesson.  He was lying, shoulders and back pressed against the floor of the oval living room rug.  A TV commercial had just snapped on and his eyes wandered from the black and white TV to the ceiling.  5 year olds didn't particularly enjoy the pathetic interruptions commercials made in the flow of a cartoon.

He had a nickel in his mouth.  And within 0.0001 seconds....

Gerald swallowed it.

Well, maybe saying he "swallowed it" was too loose a phrase.  It wasn't as if he gulped it down like a pill. No.  It was more like his tongue relaxed and swoosh!  down to the gullet the nickel went.

But this time...this time 30 years later - it was gum.  And 30 years of honing his reflexes (not like he trained everyday for this very day) he untwisted his body sat up and ... saved his life.

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