Thursday, March 22, 2018

THE CHRISTIAN PURGE: Christian Teacher Dismissed for Saying 'God Loves You' to Lesbian Student

What else could it be?  If you're a devout Christian and try to poke your head up WHACK!  You are TOAST!!!!

I can tell you how all of this will end:  Parents will remove their children from public schools and there will only be a handful of people left for the Leftist to "teach" (aka indoctrinate/brainwash). We are watching the end of public education.

A UK Employment Tribunal has dismissed the discrimination claim by a Christian teacher dismissed by a UK government-funded pre-apprenticeship academy for answering students' questions about her beliefs.

Svetlana Powell, a teacher of some 17 years' experience, was dismissed by the T2 Apprenticeship Academy in Bristol, England in July 2016 after being asked by students about her views on homosexuality. She was also reported as a "radicalization threat" to the government's anti-terrorist watchdog, Prevent.

In reply to a question by a 17-year-old student, Mrs. Powell said that her personal belief was that homosexuality was against God's will, but that He loved every person, regardless of what they did, or who they were.
"I was surprised that my contract was terminated," Powell said. "I was telling them about the love of God and love of each other. For them to compare my Christian views to terrorist acts, that was absolutely appalling."

The Academy's Chief Safeguarding Officer, Sian Prigg, told the Tribunal that after a group of students complained that they were "brainwashed and preached to", she decided to contact the local coordinator for Prevent - the government's 'counter-terrorism' strategy group – to report the incident. Mrs. Powell said she did not know of being reported as a "radicalization threat" until she brought a legal claim against the Academy and read Mrs. Prigg's witness statement for the Tribunal.
 This is utterly pathetic and disgusting.  So she is the one "brainwashing" the kids?  Are you kidding me?  We live in an utterly sick and twisted society.

Oh, if you think it will stop at the Christians, forget it!  If you say something like "well, I don't agree with the Christians, but I believe in their right to express their beliefs" get ready.   YOU'RE NEXT!!

If you live in the UK:  GET OUT!! GET OUT NOW!!!

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