Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Government to Crack Down on Homeschooling over ‘Extremism’ Fears

UK, I know you think by enduring you perceive yourself as long suffering.  But you have to take a stand sooner or later.  Why wait until later?  Stand up now!

The government’s move to crack down on homeschooling comes after schools watchdog Ofsted described the fact that local authorities have no right to investigate whether children are being home-educated as a “loophole” which is exploited by Islamic extremists.

“The Government needs to have a really long serious hard look about how it can close that loophole,” Ofsted chief operating officer Matthew Coffey told The Telegraph, adding that the lack of a national database on children who are homeschooled is a “real source of frustration” for the schools regulator.

Along with issues such as unsafe premises and inappropriate forms of punishment, the report raised concern over the prospect that children would receive “inadequate preparation … for life in modern Britain” in out-of-school education settings.

Requirements that educators promote “British values” defined as “tolerance and respect for others”, and “prepare children for life in modern Britain” have caused some contention, with critics warning that the latter category is being used to penalise schools in rural areas which have been insufficiently ‘enriched’ with ethnic minority pupils.
Who are they kidding?  We see what happened to children who were being raped for decades in Thelford and Rothingham AND NO ONE DID A DAMN THING ABOUT IT.

So we know what will happen in homes where children are being homeschooled.  It will go something like this:

1) You are a devout Christian and your three children have up until the laws changed been model students, getting their work done and making good grades.  But upom inspection, the authorities will decide you are intolerant bigoted people.  The parents will be accused to teaching hate with crosses hanging up in their homes. Not only will the British Government insist that all the crosses come down, they will within a couple weeks, make a surprise visit and take the children away.  To save them from Christian HATE ya know.

2)  There will be a knock on the door. The local authorities are checking in on the children. The father will open the door.  Immediately, the authorities will bend over backwards apologizing for the mix up.  They will start to cry for the stupid mistake they made by coming by the moslem household - it would all be considered Hate by doing something like this. But, no, the authorities are not filled with hate. No WAY! 

The authorities will ignore the screaming sounds of children being raped in the back room.  Why, to even bring up the possibility children are being mercilessly treated, no matter how true, would be RACIST.

The UK is turning into an utterly twisted perverted negative film of what it used to be.  God help us in the USA if we turn into this.

Look for FEMA camps in the UK.  Not here.

Not yet.

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