Tuesday, February 26, 2013

California creates new school grade to ease 4-year-olds into kindergarten

I'm sorry to be cynical but what a piece of crap.  

First of all, TK? Why call it "transitional kindergarten".  Why do bureaucrats like to complicate things? Why not just "4K"?

And what the heck is this "easing kids" into kindergarten?

The solution is not to make schools "standardized" and "rigorous".  The solution is to get rid of the standardized tests.  I'm sick of them.  Having raised four kids in a mix of public and private schools, I can tell you the whole thing is a waste.

TK?  What a waste of time and money.  This amounts to state funded daycare.

As the public education system becomes more rigorous and standardized, its effect is creeping down to the littlest students. If you think back to your own Kindergarten days, you might remember singing and puppet shows and smearing paint with your fingers to create art. Today kindergarten is more academic, resulting in more struggling children.

To remedy this, California has implemented a new grade called Transitional Kindergarten (or TK for short). In its first year, this new grade aims to bridge the gap between the play-world of preschool and the rigors of kindergarten.
In fact, there is ample evidence that children do just as well when schooled later.  The idea that children need a more structured and "state run" environment at an even earlier age is a myth!

Then there is this:

Barbara Friedrich is the Principal at Stanley Mosk Elementary School in Los Angeles. She has watched kindergarten change over her decades at the school. Friedrich points out that kindergarten went from half to full day and became much more academic. She says her staff now has to “assess kindergarten children in ways which we never had to before.”
I'm sorry, but this woman has been working as a teacher for decades?  I just don't believe it.

I remember when I decided to put my kids in private school when my son was about to turn 5 yoa.  We visited to a small CHEAP private school run by an independent Baptist church.   The principal took us around and showed us the rooms and showed us the curricula for the kindergarten class.  The kids were reading and doing math problems.  I was stunned.

Do you know what year this was?


Do you know what state this was?

South Carolina.  You know.  The sate that rated NEXT TO LAST in education at the time.

So when someone says the education system has changed over the decades to be more rigorous for 5 year olds, man, you have to color me skeptical.

CA, you are wasting your money.

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