Sunday, February 14, 2016

THE SOCIALIST STATE: Fingerprints for food: Venezuela rolls out new plan to keep shelves stocked

The bad news in Venezuela keeps rolling in.  How bad could it really get?  Could it get North Korea bad?

How about this for New Speak: It's called "The Superior System for Secure Supplies"
Call it fingerprints for food. In the latest effort to keep shelves stocked in Venezuela, the government on Tuesday will begin registering the biometric information of customers who use state-run grocery stores.

President Nicolás Maduro says the measure will prevent hoarding and help keep price-controlled food from being resold for a profit on the black market. Food Minister Félix Osorio said those who sign up for the program by registering their fingerprints will be eligible for discounts and prizes.

But critics warn that the scheme — which is not mandatory for the moment — will be one more way for the state to keep tabs on the population, or might be a precursor to rationing.
And wow!  You could get a discount or win a prize!  Sounds like a win win! And it WILL be mandatory.

The impact of the shopping cards also remains to be seen. Last year, in the state of Zulia, the governor tried to implement a rationing system at state-run stores but aborted the plan amid a backlash. This time the roll-out has been more muted. And Maduro says the program will deliver results.

“Once we get started,” he said, “we’re going to take food contraband to zero.”
A system that is able to track all that you buy.  That's what American needs!

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