Thursday, April 21, 2016

California mass transit cracks down on 'seat hogs' and 'manspreaders'

They are doing this and persecuting commuters because they are too broke to buy more train cars.  It's that simple.
Last week, the agency's board voted 5-4 to adopt a new "one ticket, one seat" rule imposing a $100 fine on commuter train riders who, after a warning continue to use a seat for something other than sitting.

Subway riders who park a backpack on a seat or spread out in wide-legged oblivion have long been the bane of the rush-hour crowd in major commuter cities across the United States.

The effort to prevent these faux pas in California follows similar campaigns launched by transit agencies in New York, Philadelphia and Seattle with slogans such as "Two seats? Really?" and "Dude ... Stop The Spread. Please."
I loved this comment:

That seems funny that a state that welcomes and coddles people who come there and live there illegally is going to crack down on people invading extra room in a row of seats."

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