Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Review and Trump. What does it all mean?

The National Review is normally a very stodgy magazine/website that has, ever since William F. Buckley died, lost its way.  From  what I could tell, it has slowly spiraled down to the point where special sound equipment is required to detect a heartbeat.

But when Trump decided to run for President, the National Review Editors defibrillated from its stupor, hastily threw on their crumpled up purple robes (moth-eaten holes and all), accidentally putting their crown on upside down...

...and decided to kill Trump's bid for the Presidency.  But, in the process there is and will be collateral damage.  In my opinion, the collateral damage will be the complete destruction of the Republican Party.  Yes, the  GOP might win the Presidency with someone other than Trump, but it will have forever lost the nation.

Because we know the outcome of all of this.  Whether it be a Democrat or a GOP Establishment member as the next president, the end result will be devastation of the middle class;  a dependency class so completely dependent that to even talk of cutting back on welfare will send people in a rage and revolt;  a banking system that will crater under the strain of more subprime mortgages and illiquidity; a country who can not pay back debts that will at the same time experience a harmonic convergence of economic cycles that will crush this economy and this people; an electorate wallowing in ignorance as a product of our derelict education system, who will be more than happy to follow the devil and crucify the Savior; a national collapse of such magnitude and proportions that the combined devastation of the Huaynaputina and Krakatoa volcanic eruptions will seem as but a fire cracker.....

....and then.  And then the Americans...citizens of that once powerful and prosperous and shining city on the hill will see their country will have been snuffed out, the final spark extinguished - the final ember doused - the 999th...then the 1000th point of twinkling light...blink to blank....

And all the Americans will be standing, mouths gaped open, having born witness to the destruction and complete annihilation, not able to breathe.  Not able to speak, listening to the blood pounding in their heads, hearing nothing but silence.  Just standing...wondering how it all happened.  How it all just...ended.

Is Trump the answer?  Well, that was never the point of this article.  The point of this article is that the truly ugly face of the Dealers and Wheelers is exposed for all to see.  We seem them for who they truly are.  And what we see is repulsive.  Is treacherous.


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