Saturday, November 26, 2016

Liberals’ California dream of secession will end up a nightmare

Go ahead!  Do it!  Become the tin horn communist dictatorship you have all hoped and longed for!

Then we'll have to build a wall around CA AND Mexico to keep the fleeing masses out.
An independent California run by progressives may seem like a dream, but it would end up being a total nightmare. Places like East L.A. would look more like East Berlin.

First and foremost, the state would need to be divided into the 24 counties that voted for Donald Trump. Also, an additional five counties only supported Clinton with a plurality of a vote — they’d probably like to stay in the U.S. as well.

The independent nation of California also runs into the problem that it’s dependent on other states for water. Large portions of Southern California gets its water from the Colorado River; the biggest reservoirs are located in Arizona and Nevada.

Rain and bottled water are not enough to keep SoCal going. An independent California means importing water from a foreign country and tax on the source.

Given the state’s tendency to have massive wildfires and earthquakes, a natural disaster would also impose an even greater strain on the new country.

After the problem with natural resources, you’ll also face an economic difficulty. The middle class is shrinking, and the California Department of Finance reported on November 16th that there’s a tax shortfall of a billion dollars this year.

Liberals love to whine about income inequality, but California is a cesspool of problems. It’s not just expensive cities like San Francisco either where conditions have worsened.\

And wait until you see the flight of businesses from the Kingdom of CA!!

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