Thursday, November 10, 2016

The World-Historical Mission of Donald J. Trump

Hillary, who cried her eyes out when she lost the election, would not have been  able to shoulder the shear HELL that is coming.  Of all the candidates, only Trump understands the economic black hole we are headed for and what his ultimate mission will be.

From deflationland:
Because narrow policy does not matter. At the end of the Long Credit Cycle, policy is nothing. Soon enough we will be at the mercy of the forces of wild nature in the bond markets, the lifeblood of our abstracted civil society.

The deflationary spiral is a feature, not a bug. Our money came to us ex nihilo, and back there it shall go, as debt-defaults mount and Irving Fisher's nightmare is realized. The strategy to prop up asset values until growth and animal spirits return is a terrible failure. Now we have to face the consequences of the even greater malinvestment of capital than before, and the experience will be brutal.

The object, the great task, the World-Historical Mission of Donald J. Trump is to keep the United States whole, to maintain its order and integrity as we pass through the great crisis of Kondratieff winter on the credit cycle. Debts that cannot be paid -- won't be paid -- and that includes perks like Social Security, defined-benefit plans, pensions, your bank account. They are all dust, as we will learn soon enough. Guess what -- Donald already understands this, he knows we are dead broke.

Trump is in Abraham Lincoln's shoes now; his job is to preserve the Union, to reassert the Republic, and to enable us to survive as a nation. Debt-deflation will trigger a monetary collapse and final implosion of the fiat $USD, causing widespread disorder and the destruction of many of our institutions.

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