Friday, February 9, 2018

Seattleites making a run to the border for … Coke?

Why is this a surprise?  Did the city council think it would happen any other way?
“Here is the precious fluid,” Mohamed laughs, showing me around the store. He holds up a two-liter plastic bottle of Coke.

He once sold it for $2.79. Now it is $4 — a 43 percent increase, due to the city’s new tax on sugary beverages that went into effect Jan. 1.

“The customer — they look at the price and then they don’t even talk to you,” Mohamed said. “They just walk away.” The reason is that a couple hundred feet away, and around the corner of Southwest Roxbury Street, sits a Bartell Drugs. It’s just 15 feet outside the city limits. And spelled out on its main marquee is one source of Mohamed’s problem: “GET YOUR DRINKS HERE,” it reads. “NO SUGAR TAX.”
So do you think the only thing the customers are buying at the sugar-tax-free store is soda pop?  I think not!  So the business loses more than just soda sales.  They lose EVERYTHING.

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