Saturday, May 5, 2018

Berkeley task force blames conservatives for leftist violence

"Those Conservatives are saying mean things!!"  How utterly, utterly stupid.  Not a single conservative is fomenting violence.  Only the LEFT is doing this.
“Although of course many things changed during the 17 months between Shapiro’s campus engagements, our conclusion is that the rise of ultra-conservative rhetoric, including white supremacist views and protest marches, legitimized by the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath, encouraged far-right and alt-right activists to ‘spike the football’ at Berkeley,” the commission writes.

“This provoked an at-times violent (and condemnable) response from the extreme left, tearing at the campus’s social fabric,” the document adds.

The report goes on to contend that all of the events that sparked protests last year “were sponsored by very small groups of students working closely with outside organizations,” asserting that “at least some of the 2017 events at Berkeley can now be seen to be part of a coordinated campaign to organize appearances on American campuses likely to incite a violent reaction, in order to advance a facile narrative that universities are not tolerant of conservative speech.”
So, to call the Right as the "Right" they are now called the ULTRA Right. Saying their speech PROVOKED at times violence is stupid.  No one PROVOKED anything.  The plan each time was to foment violence to STOP FREE SPEECH.

The "study" only whitewashed the issue and continued the meme that Conservsative have no right to speak PERIOD. 

GET OUT OF CA!!!  NOW!!  The Left doesn't give a SHIT about free speech.  GEt that through your skulls.

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