Sunday, May 6, 2018

CA Counties/Cities Rejecting Sanctuary Status

Maybe not like a rushing wind, but a pushback to be appreciated.  Thank God! The Level Headed are taking on the CADS (California Deep State).  But...there are 58 counties and almost 500 municipalities in CA.  I want to see more.

Tuolumne County Not A ‘Sanctuary’ Jurisdiction
Following in the footsteps of some other counties in the state, the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors voted to declare that the county’s policies comply with federal immigration laws and the county does not constitute a “sanctuary” jurisdiction.
Shasta County declares itself 'no sanctuary' in narrow vote
“Our country has a tremendous legal path for immigrants in the United States of America. I support and will remain always supportive, with open arms, to welcome all who want to legally immigrate to the United States of America. That’s how my family got here and I’m proud of that. I do not support those who came into the country illegally and want to remain here against the force of law,” Baugh said. “The state of California has put us in a position of having to have conversations like this.”
Victory! California City Rejects Sanctuary State Lawlessness
When all seemed lost, a little city made the move to help Make California Great Again. Los Alamitos, the second smallest city in Orange County, just passed a huge ordinance asserting the city’s compliance with the United States Constitution. Specifically, in an unprecedented yet necessary state, the council voted to opt out of the immoral, unconstitutional mandates of SB 54, aka the California “Values” Act or Sanctuary State law.
Orange County votes to join Trump administration lawsuit against California sanctuary law
The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday, March 27 to join a Trump administration lawsuit against California’s controversial sanctuary law. The board’s vote may mark the biggest maneuver yet in a nascent local movement against California’s law to protect people residing illegally in the country. The board announced its unanimous decision after discussing the matter during a closed session Tuesday.
San Diego County to Join Lawsuit Against SB 54, California's Sanctuary State Law
“The United States of America v. The State of California, a case alleging that a state law that limits cooperation with federal immigration officials is preempted by federal law, by a vote of 3-1, with Supervisors Jacob, Gaspar, and Horn voting “Aye” and Supervisor Cox voting “Nay” and Supervisor Roberts absent, authorize County Counsel to file an amicus brief supporting the position of the United States at the first available opportunity, which is likely to be on appeal.”

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