Sunday, January 24, 2016

Covered California on Yelp: One star WORST WEBSITE EVER!

I sort of stumbled on this doing some searching on the internet.  As one poster asked, don't they know about Silicon Valley?

"HELL!  PURE HELL!!"  as one poster put it.

Some of the posts are quite long and detailed.  If there is one affect of the debacle it's that MANY of the posters are - or rather WERE - believers in a healthcare welfare system, but now have severe misgivings.

"Boo hoo Covered CA. I am disappointed, for I have been a long time advocate for Universal Health care. I feel so let down."

"Cool when it works but an absolute nightmare when it doesn't which is 90% of time. Very sad, considering I'm a progressive Democrat and really really really want this program to work. But it does not build confidence when you can't get anything done with this awful website."

"I was a supporter of Obamacare because I saw it as a stepping stone to a proper NHS.  Sadly, California has still been unwilling/unable to commit to proper information design."

"I voted for Obama and I argued with my family in favor of the ACA. What a fool I was. I hope this gets repealed." 

One of the posters set up a website that chronicles their problems.  He posted a screenshot of the chat screen saying "Sometimes their chat will let you watch this for a couple of hours":

Then, this happened "And then, hours later it informs you":

Just amazing.

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