Sunday, January 17, 2016

Middle East market crash on eve of Iran Oil exports. Carnage begins...without a shot fired.

Well, maybe "without a shot fired" is a bit of exaggeration.  But it allows Iran to go to "war" with Saudi Arabia without having to declare war.

I don't think Iran has anything to lose.  But KSA has a LOT to lose.
All seven stock markets in the Gulf states tumbled as panic gripped traders. London shares are now braced for a second wave of crisis to hit when they open on Monday morning after contagion from China sent the FTSE 100 to its worst start in history last week.
And then Rouhani tweets this:

Yeah.  No direct threat like in terms of bombs and guns.  But a direct threat as in "we can't sell our oil at now!! Thanks to you!"

Either Saudi Arabia goes to war with Iran, or they hunker down for the "long winter" for this entire year.  This is going to hurt the KSA really, really bad.

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