Sunday, January 24, 2016

The final result of Leftists Paradise: Cincy locals fill truck with bottled water for Flint, Michigan

Yet another Leftist Basket case that Leftists, whose memories are deliberately short, that is being blamed on Republicans. The boggled.

Three young people decided to hold a bottled water drive at the Kroger on 8241 Vine Street to benefit residents of Flint, Michigan, many who are left without suitable drinking water.

A truck was parked outside the Hartwell Kroger to collect as much bottled water as it can hold.That water will be transported to Flint, the group told WCPO - 9 On Your Side.

At the Cincinnati event Saturday, those helping out said they wanted to help people out with the basic human need.

"Those people are at the hands of the people that govern them, and they've been let down," Hartwell resident Bill Denzer said.
In National Review:
Prior to and separate from the current water crisis, Flint was in a state of financial ruination. In one of the most liberal cities in the United States, Flint’s Democrat-dominated government did what Democrat-monopoly governments do in practically every city they control: It spent money as quickly as it could while at the same time carpet-bombing the tax base with inept municipal services, onerous regulations, high taxes, and the like.

As a result of this, a bankrupt Flint entered into a state of receivership, meaning that an emergency manager — or emergency financial manager, depending upon Michigan’s fluctuating fiscal-emergency law — was appointed by state authorities and given power to supersede local elected officials in some matters, especially financial ones. The contamination happened while Flint was under the authority of an emergency manager who, though a Democrat, had been appointed to the post by Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder. He was, in fact, the most recent in a long line of emergency managers, Flint having failed for years to emerge from its state of fiscal emergency.

So, in the end, the state of Flint is due to Union hubris and Democratic mismanagement.  And now it's Republicans' fault they fix an almost unfixable Democratic Hellhole?

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