Monday, December 26, 2016

MEXICO II Is California splitting away? Group believes California should form its own nation

Boy, did they pick the wrong time to decide to split away.  Poverty reaching critical flash point.  Public debt at an all time high. Awash in illegal immigrants (who CA will most likely gleefully announce  as all legal...until the vicious cycle begins again).  A state stripped of manufacturing.  You name it.

This month, the group announced the opening of a “cultural center” in Moscow — “the first of many planned California culture centers which will serve to build a bridge between the nation of California and the nations of the world,” read a statement on Yes California’s website.

If its ballot measure succeeds, Yes California would pursue a 2019 vote to declare the state’s independence. At least half of the state’s voters would have to cast ballots and 55 percent would have to choose independence for California to become its own nation, according to document Yes California filed with the Attorney General’s office.
The good news is the state would immediately default on all of its pension obligations, leaving the "citizens" of CA walking around in a cloudy LA haze wondering what the heck happened.

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