Monday, December 26, 2016

Multi-Million Dollar Producing Vinyl Company Leaves SoCal for Prescott

What amazing hemmoraging!
Halle said choosing Prescott was not completely straightforward, but leaving California became a no-brainer for this Orange County native/resident and his wife/CFO, Helen, a former bank vice president. “We had to get out of California,” Halle said. “They taxed us to death. We tried to stay creative but all costs saved went back out the door as laws changed. This meant we couldn’t innovate enough to keep competing with China. Helen said we really have to love California to stay here because if we want to keep innovating, we’ve got to leave.” Halle takes his criticism of California’s business environment a step further, believing that distribution is favored over manufacturing because it produces more tax revenue. “There’s more smog because of this,” he added. “Now I have a fantastic and clear view out my window.”

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