Saturday, July 11, 2015

$5 for a dozen eggs in California?

It was bad enough that CA passed the amendment restricting the way farmers raised poultry.  Then there was drought.  Then there was the bird flu.  What. A. Mess.

Klippen said in California shoppers are seeing even higher prices than elsewhere in the country due to recent legislation.

"When the California egg law went into effect January 1, mandating enclosure sizes for laying hens, the national large white egg prices were $0.82-1.04 per dozen. In California, egg prices were $2.75-3.30 per dozen," Klippen said. "With national prices approximating $3 per dozen, expect California egg prices to be closer to $5 per dozen."

Prices are already that high in some California stores. In Sacramento's Safeway stores, a dozen of Eggland's extra-large eggs costs $5.09. In comparison, the same brand of eggs costs just $2.49 in Safeway's Portland, Oregon locations.

After seeing prices dip a bit since the start of the year, shoppers in Sacramento's Folsom Boulevard Savemart location are upset that prices were once again on the rise.

"We eat eggs all the time. It's just ridiculous what's happened," shopper Ed Talbert said.
Such are the unintended consequences of laws!!

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