Friday, July 10, 2015

Christian Baker Makes Case for Not ‘Expressing’ Support of Same-Sex Marriage

I call compelling, nay, FORCING someone at the point of a gun (the LAW) to do somehting against his conscience FORCED INDENTURED SERVITUDE.
“The gist is that one side … is defending the First Amendment rights of artists like Jack Phillips to create expressions consistent with his beliefs and to avoid creating expressions that violate his belief,” Jeremy Tedesco, senior legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, told The Daily Signal after representing Phillips at the hearing.

“The other side of the case thinks there are no First Amendment rights in the commercial context and once you open a business, you cede all First Amendment protections.
This was done by the British and is what led to the Was of 1812.  The Royal Navy would capture American seamen and force them to join the Royal Navy.
The issue of impressment, by itself, was not cause for war, even after the Leopard and Chesapeake incident. But impressment was one of the reasons given for the war by the War Hawks, who at times shouted the slogan "Free Trade and Sailor's Rights."
How is this different?


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