Saturday, July 25, 2015

Colorful Peaks!

I've been around for a number of years.  I've seen how various technologies have progressed.  I recall a one-panel cartoon that showed a person at a booth - like something you would see at the fair and a banner saying "Calculators on a stick".  If there was anything that could encapsulate the maturing of technology, that was it.

And there is one fact: Once it's offered in multiple colors, the technology has peaked - with a few exceptions.

- Cassette tapes.  This is probably the first example.  Many brands had been out by the end of the 70s. And then by the mid-80s or possibly a little later, the swirl of colors came out.

- FloppyDisks.  With the exception of 5 1/4" floppies, the 3 1/2" floppies are the next example of a peaking technology.  First, they were single sided single density.  Then they were  double sided single density and double density.  Then there were specialized higher density floppies that never caught on, thus brining an end to squeezing all you can out of a technology.  But just offer it in a multitude of colors and BAM!  they sell.

- CDs. This is an exception to the guideline.  CDs generally are the same - now, anyway.  CD-Rs are what have been available.  But this is all old news of which most people are aware.  So, if you want to make money, what do you do?  You sell in giant bulk!

- DVD-R See CDs

- USB Memory sticks Well, what can I say?  They've been available in various forms and colors for some time.  But when I saw the above in a large bin near the check-out line, it was clear: memory stick technology had peaked.

- Cell phones  This is a technology has has been evolving for a couple of decades now....or something like that. Battery power has improved, a camera was added, cell tower locations are still improving, faster data transfer, smart phones, on and on.  Wow, if there is any technology that has seen rapid devlopment it's cell phone technology

But there I saw this.  iPhones offered in a delicious assortment of colors.

Oh no.  Cell phone technology has peaked.  Yeah, sure, cases galore have been available.  But to OFFER the cell phones in a prescribed set of colors is what we have here.   My prediction:  swirl colors.  Maybe paisley.

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