Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Carlsbad Desalination Plant

The project reached a milestone last month.  They completed the 10 mile piple line from the project location to San Diego which will be receiving the much needed water.  Here's info from their website on the desalination plant:
The site of the desalination plant is a 6-acre parcel in a portion of the site that leaves the majority of the EPS property open for potential recreational or redevelopment activity at some future date.

The desalination facility will conform to the 35 feet height limit in the Local Coastal Plan and the building design has been enhanced to ensure compatibility with future land use in the area.

Onsite improvements would include an intake pump station, and pipeline, concentrate return pipeline, sewer connection, electrical transmission lines, road improvements, and product water pump station and pipeline.

The desalination facility is connected to the discharge channel of the Encina Power Station at two locations. The intake pump station is connected to the upstream portion of the discharge channel and delivers 100 million gallons per day (mgd) of seawater to the desalination facility. Half the seawater processed by the desalination facility would be converted to high quality drinking water. This water is delivered to Carlsbad and the surrounding communities.

The remaining water, 50 mgd of seawater with an elevated salt content, is returned to the discharge channel where it is diluted with additional seawater prior to being discharge to the ocean. This ensures that the increased salinity will not impact the marine organisms in the vicinity of the discharge channel.

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