Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In new California climate initiative, bill will target key pollutants

Say goodbye to CA's agricultural industry.  Gloibal Warming will put a stop that that.  Actually, the bureaucrats who deny that there is no man-made global warming will put an end to it.  Why? Because rotting vegetation causes methane gas to be generated.  And that's a byproduct of farming  - which is just plain stupid.
California would target certain harmful emissions under new legislation being introduced by state Sen. Ricardo Lara in an effort to boost public health while battling global warming.

Known as short-lived climate pollutants, the emissions include diesel exhaust and methane from agriculture. Focusing on these pollutants has been a key topic of conversation at the United Nations summit on climate change because they’re considered a way to make quick progress toward reducing greenhouse gases while providing a clear health benefit.
Methane gas is the product of ANYTHING ORGANIC THAT ROTS.  This includes the mighty Sequoya trees all the way down to the crab grass that grows.  And it also includes:


So,all of you greenies out there that are really REALLY into composting, get ready for the Feds to put an end to it!!

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