Friday, December 4, 2015

Trading Meat for Tires as Bartering Economy grows in Greece

Greeks, Russians, Venezuelans... are these signals?

This may work out better than most people think.  I just wonder how you barter for more internet time to barter for other things.
Graphic artists are exchanging designs for olive oil. Accountants swap advice for office supplies. In the agricultural heartland and on the Greek islands, informal bartering, which has historically helped communities survive, has intensified as more people exchange fruits, vegetables, other crops, equipment, clothing and services.

“In Greece there’s a major liquidity problem,” said Mr. Roussos, who met the tire vendor and scores of new clients through an Athens ­based online barter club, Tradenow, which created its own currency called tradepoints. “People are finding it more convenient to trade because money is not readily available.”

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