Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Surface Pro 3's annoying right-click issue solved with Windows 10

A while back I did a cursory review of the Surface Pro 3.  Before the Surface Pro 3, I had an old MacBook Air that I kept comparing it to.  One of the issues was the one button trackpad of the MBA and the two button trackpad of the SP3.   The one-button design is by far easier to work with.  Right clicking on the MBA is accomplished by just holding down the control button before pressing the button; a two-hand maneuver.

Luckily, Windows 10 brings a solution that I like even better than the MBA solution.

Windows 10 now allows you to disable the right click and enable a two-finger tap that brings up the menu.   This is done by swiping from the right side, picking All Settings> Mouse and Touchpad>Turn off "Allow right clicks on the touchpad" > Turn on "Use a two finger tap for right click"

And you're done!

It took a tiny bit of getting used to.  I kept trying to right click at first.  But now, it's pretty easy.

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