Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Venezuela Awakens From Its 17-Year Socialist Nightmare

I'm sorry to say, this is what it will take for the US to turn around.  We will have to "walk through fire" to come out on the other side a wiser country.

What a shame.  But good news for Venezuela.
It's total victory in legislative terms and will enable the legislature to throw out politicized Supreme Court justices and appoint honest ones.

The new Congress can also boot corrupt election officials and appoint fair ones. And they will even be able to declare President Nicolas Maduro — the late dictator Hugo Chavez's hand-picked successor — mentally unstable and unfit for office, or remove him for incompetence. They can also stop his executive orders dead.

The Congress also will have the power to free the 71 or so political prisoners now rotting in Chavista dungeons without trial, including top opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. And Venezuela's central bank will stop destroying the country's money, now nearly worthless.
Let's hope at least half of the good will be done.

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