Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bill Kristol Is Trying to Get Tom Coburn or Rick Perry to Run Third Party

What a disgrace.  But the upside is that if Trump really is the nominee, we finally get rid of the asshat wishy washy idiots who are presently running the Republican Party.  They are delusional and borderline psychotic if they think they can run a 3rd party candidate and later come back and reclaim the GOP.

Bill Kristol is an idiot.

“It’s childish nonsense,” Gingrich said, on the idea of a Kristol-led brokered convention. “There are two potential presidential nominees. One is named Donald. One is named Ted. The idea that some clever Washington intellectual or power broker — put quote marks around ‘power broker’— can step into an election in which millions have voted and magically change the trajectory of history? It’s goofy. There’s two players standing.”
Gingrich is so much smarter than Kristol.

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