Sunday, March 20, 2016

The unintended consequences of California's chicken cage law

Just amazing.  The way these guys throw around numbers.  Let's look at the numbers.  I'd say the main unintended consequence of cage free eggs is the lack of understanding of the base price for eggs.  What we see is that by allowing pro-animal rights advocates to control our world, we are destined to pay more, expect less and be pummeled into poverty.  By allowing these NUTS to control our world we will see more food deserts. Worldwide.

In an era of falling median incomes in the USA, is it really the right thing to increase costs on people?  I don't think so.  What we see in CA is that everyday costs for basics are so skewed, so perverted, that they don't even understand what a FUBAR'ed island they have become.
California-based pasture-raised egg producer Jake Townsend sees an even more direct benefit: as the price for conventional eggs goes up, the gap between them and pasture-raised eggs is closing.

“I’ve seen conventional eggs as high as $6 or $7 a dozen this month, and then you’ve got some pasture-raised eggs available at $9.50 a dozen, so all of a sudden people can pay just a couple dollars more for better quality eggs,” Townsend said. “Based on my conversations with both consumers and store owners, that’s a leap a lot of consumers are willing to make.”

Townsend added that he’s seen a major increase in sales over the past two years and is in the process of building his company up as quickly as he can to meet skyrocketing demand.
Wow!  What a deal!  Only $6 for a dozen eggs!  WTF?  $6 for a dozen...eggs??? And I love the fact that now "conventional eggs" is redefined to mean: cage free eggs.

Also, looking at the comments, let's see what others around the world are paying for their free range eggs:
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Why so expensive in the US? In the UK, any supermarket will sell you a dozen organic free range eggs for around 4.00 - 5.00 GBP ( $6 to $7.50 US). Ordinary free range eggs are about 2.00 to 3.00 GBP.
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Where are you getting those prices for pasture-raised eggs? I buy ours at the local organic store. I don't recall the price but it's not much more than the price at the farm's stand, which is $4.60 for large and $4.90 for jumbo. I could buy cheaper eggs but I've seen this farm and the chickens were walking around a fenced open field being chickens, the way my grandmother's flock did.

$4.60 a dozen at the farm stand.  $6 a dozen in the UK for free range eggs.

But...what does Safeway say?

Here is Von's add for cage free eggs.  The price for a dozen cage free eggs in Fresno, CA is $4.99:

In Brooklyn NY, Cage free eggs are $3.99 for a dozen:

Now, let's look at the UK.  I'll pick Reading England, since I lived there briefly.  We see a dozen eggs are roughly $3.40 for one dozen carton of large eggs.

Now let's look at Houston, TX, Montrose section.  I used to walk to this grocery store.  We see that it's $5 for...wait....what is that I see? The price isn't $5 for two dozen eggs.  The price is for THREE DOZEN EGGS.  So the price per dozen is a paultry $1.67.  Why are they so cheap???  It's because they are not uber-controlled by food nazis.  They are eggs laid in standard battery cages.

If you were poor, or a family struggling to make ends meet, where would YOU want to buy your eggs?

Yes, it's CHEAPER to buy eggs in Houston because they ARE NOT cage free.  So, it is far far cheaper to feed a family eggs in Houston, than it is to try to eek out a living in CA or the UK.  

So, I will yet again say it:  The poor: do not walk.  RUN! and get out of CA before it's too late.

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