Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rockefellers Dump Exxon Holdings That Made Family's Fortune

What utter morons. Oh, it's easy for them to divest themselves of refinery stock.  Since they aren't performing well, the impact is not great.  They look like they "sacrificed" for the cause.  How completely stupid.

Exxon responded to the Rockefeller's decision:
“It’s not surprising that they’re divesting from the company since they’re already funding a conspiracy against us,” Alan Jeffers, a spokesman for Irving, Texas-based Exxon, said in an e-mailed statement on Wednesday.

Exxon, which traces its roots to the 1880s and John D. Rockefeller’s integration of refineries and Pennsylvania oilfields, has dismissed the InsideClimate News allegations as products of “anti-oil and gas activists who cherry-picked documents” to distort the company’s role in climate research.

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