Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My prediction comes true: Republican Establishment Plans to Support Hillary

My prediction in October is coming true!!!

At the website:

According to Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican, the Republican establishment may give tacit support to Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump wins the nomination.

King said Clinton is somebody “they can do business with” if Cruz or Trump come out on top.

“We’re going to have something like 70 percent of the vote that comes in here today, and they’re going to be anti-Establishment votes,” King toldBreitbart News Daily. He characterized the 2016 primary as a “revolt against the Establishment in the Republican Party.”

King said he believes Republicans will support Clinton “because I’m watching them throw a tantrum right now in Iowa, and they have put, I will say, millions of dollars on the table to recruit a primary opponent against me, because they are sore losers in the Iowa caucus,” King explained. “When Cruz won the Iowa caucus, they decided, we’re going to teach Steve King a lesson.”
I'm utterly astonished that I am so close to being right.  All I did was take the most ridiculous extreme position I could think of.  It is tragic that I am so right.  Tragic.

Here's what I said:

How about this as a really "out there" prediction:

Trump, Cruz or Carson wins the GOP nomination. The PTB in the GOP are utterly astonished. They immediately repudiate the Nominee and throw their support behind the Democratic Party Nominee completely abandoning Trump/Cruz/Carson.

It is at this point we finally find out what we knew all along: that the upper party officials are just Dems in GOP clothing.

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