Saturday, August 5, 2017

Anti-Christian California

One of the ingredients to being a Far Left Rabid Idiot is to hate Christianity.  And CA is no exception:
I didn’t want leave without pay. I didn’t want leave with pay. I just wanted to leave. The liberal academy is a place full of secular activists channeling their own unhappiness into interminable hostilities against whichever conservative Christian they can find within a three-mile radius. I had served for eight years under a dean trained in Women’s Studies, surrounded in her executive suite by lesbians and feminists, who hated me for celebrating the beauty and glory of chastity and Biblical love. I could not have my relationship with Jesus Christ and this job simultaneously. The choice was not that difficult.
The author of this was a professor in California who was gay, but chaste.  What an honorable man!

Christian persecution is alive and well in CA.

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