Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mandatory composting? Gavin Newsom isn’t shying away from his liberal record


And he says all of this like he's proud of it!  With a smile!  Yes, let's make composting mandatory statewide!  Why the hell not?

“I was the guy who brought you the plastic bag ban in San Francisco,” the former mayor told the graying Roseville audience gathered in a community center 100 miles outside his progressive city.

“You thought gay marriage was controversial,” Newsom added to sustained laughter, “we required composting in San Francisco. That was controversial. They had garbage police out there checking in my cans to make sure the egg shells were in the appropriate bin.”

In the foothills of the Sierra, and at a stop last week in Salida, just outside of Modesto, the Democratic front-runner whose national profile was born out of his decision to distribute marriage licenses to same-sex couples offered the clearest indication yet that the tenets of his gubernatorial campaign are rooted in his liberal record.

Newsom said he gets a kick out of watching Republicans – and some Democrats – contorting themselves “like pretzels” over health care. He favors a government-run program covering everyone.

“At the end of the day, with all due respect, the only way we are going to have high-quality, universal health care that’s affordable, or at least approximates affordability, is Medicare for all,” he said. “Don’t people get this? The deeper question, though, is: Can we do it in California? And, legitimately, that’s an open-ended question. It just is.”
"...with all due respect.."  Oh yeah?

What a liar.  He has no respect that you might be able to make decisions without the forced assistance of government.  He doesn't care what you think.  He only cares about what he thinks.  You , on the other hand are a WORM to him.

I hope he wins.  We need CA to get ground into the dirt quicker so CA'ians can come to their sense faster.

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