Saturday, August 5, 2017

Anti-Christian Persecution is Gaining Strength in Ireland and Great Britain

If you've never seen any of the churches in the UK you really need to go.  They are something to behold.  We went to Ely and visited church there.  It's also home to the boy's choir that does music for several movies - notably The Snowman.

But, just like in the rest of Europe, church attendance has been taking a nose dive.  And how long before this turns into hostility to Christianity?  And then turns into violence and death against Christians?

Well, it has to start as something.  And this is it:

While conservative Catholics have long had much to complain about in terms of the poor standards of religious formation in Catholic schools, there is now a strong media campaign against laws decried as ‘discriminatory’ which, in reality, help protect the ethos of such schools, even where much of the damage to this ethos has already been done and has been self-inflicted — a Catholic school for girls in Dublin, for example, recently, decided to remove the cross from its insignia lest it would cause offence.

This campaign is in parallel with moves to divest Catholic schools and transfer ownership to groups with a secular ideology.

The message is clear, in Ireland and in Britain, alike, the persecution of the Christian faith has just been ratcheted up a notch. Christianity, no matter what form it takes, has now become unacceptable to the political and media establishments.

Does this represent a scorched earth policy by the forces of secularism to pre-empt even the possibility of the return of an overwhelmingly faith-filled “Catholic Ireland” or “Dowry of Mary,” for example? It would certainly seem so.

In any case, after several years of seeing people of faith not bringing their religious beliefs to the table of public policy, and being put to the top of the class for their tolerance, it now appears that not just the publicly expressed beliefs of Christians but Christians themselves, “domesticated” or otherwise, are no longer welcome at that table either.
Do you think those that HATE Christians are happy to start there?  This will "ratchet" up to include, jail, torture and death of Believers.

It always does.

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